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Best Paying Music Careers – Ever stopped on your tracks even as a beautiful note of melody entered your ears, then passing down your spine as a wave of inexplicable ecstasy? Yes, it has been rightly said that music is to the soul what words are to the mind.
From technical sound engineering to meditation and therapy, music comprises a plethora of job opportunities for all professionals, with the only prerequisite that they be ardent music lovers. Universities in several advanced countries offer extensive courses preparing students to hone their skills in specific musical endeavors. Does your mind oscillate back to music after an eventful day? Does your playlist have at least one song for each of your moods? Finally, would you like to establish a musical career besides the usual music composition and singing? Then, here are some lucrative yet totally unconventional career options for you to choose from in the vast domain of music:

Best Musical Universities for Study Abroad

Best Paying Music Careers

Video Game Composer: According to SuperData statistics (as reported by Business Insider), the video gaming industry generated $119.6 billion in 2018. Video games play an integral role in our lives, not only as sources of entertainment but also as windows to our internal worlds of feelings, perceptions, and emotions. The background scores in video games are instrumental in reaching out to the players, enabling them to resonate with the overall feel of the video game.

Video game composers are responsible for the background scores of these video games, handling the end-to-end process from composition and sound design to editing and consultation. Video game composers work with sound engineers, mixers, recordists, and other creative persons to produce the most appealing tracks for video games. A video game composer’s salary varies widely based on expertise; however, on an average, a video game composer earns $48,891 per year.

Music Minister: Birthdays and weddings, festivals and funerals — the one constant in all of these events is typically music. And the primary role of music ministers is to arrange music for such occasions. Music ministers understand the specific requirements, significance, and moods of events and occasions and coordinate with the church to organize music for each occasion accordingly. They supervise music rehearsals to this end and ensure harmony between the choirs and instrument players. Music ministers typically earn approximately $30,573 a year.

Concert Promoter: Spending an evening in the arms of music is an unparalleled experience — concerts serve as platforms for the fulfilment of this gratifying act. Concert promoters are responsible for the end-to-end organization of concerts, from booking the venues and finalizing the best charges to handling the transportation, stage and equipment setup, and other minute aspects “instrumental” to the concert. Concert promoters are always on their toes, coordinating between various entities to ensure that music lovers can sway to their favorite musicians’ numbers and reap the benefits of a surreal experience. Concert promoters may earn approximately $52,000 a year, although the figure may fluctuate.

Music Therapist: After a not-so-good day, is one soothing soundtrack literally enough to uplift your spirits? So, yes, music has tremendous effects on one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Research has demonstrated that music can help considerably with mind relaxation, boosting of energy, pain relief, and thought control. Music therapists investigate these incredible benefits of music to help patients grappling with psychological conditions and/or mental health issues.

In today’s stressful, fast-paced world, music serves as a speed-braker of sorts, helping one traverse the world within. Music therapists act as facilitators in this enriching process, understanding an individual’s issues and/or conditions and leveraging music for healing and mental peace. A music therapist earns approximately $47,710 a year.

Music Professor: Music professors leverage various approaches to inculcate musical knowledge and skills to aspiring singers, musicians, songwriters, and other enthusiastic students. Musical knowledge and classical base serve as the pillars for a secure professional journey in the field of music. Music professors shoulder the massive responsibility of tutoring students to reach their goals in music. To this end, they may use different strategies, including organizing concerts, supervising music research, passing on practical skills such as vocals and instrument-playing, and preparing a syllabus for the subject. Music professors earn approximately $94,860, subject to their expertise and experience levels.

Entertainment Lawyer: With the massive volume of creative content being produced and showcased today, protection of intellectual property rights has become imperative for every content creator. The field of music is no different. Distribution of one’s musical brainchild involves money and effort; consequently, an entertainment lawyer plays a pivotal role in helping entertainers secure their creative rights.

Entertainment lawyers provide consultation and advice at every stage to entertainers, from signing contracts and collaborating with other artists to preventing copyright infringement and securing the best deals. Entertainment lawyers are also consulted for advice on at-location performances and the rights and restrictions placed on performing at specific locations. An entertainment lawyer earns approximately $1,16,800 a year.

Music literally sets the tone for every occasion — happy and sad, cheerful and melancholic, during unions and departures. It comes as no surprise that music has emerged as a highly lucrative field integrating individuals from different specializations and educational backgrounds. Thus, securing your music majors can usher you into an incredibly melodious journey full of harmony and symphony! If you are a music aficionado looking to pursue music as your academic and professional subject, we are here to help you secure admissions at the best universities in UK, Canada, US, and other advanced countries! Visit SecureMyScholarship to know more.

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