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refer your friends to top universities - earn USD 300 after they enroll!

You refer and earn USD 300*

earn a referral fee for every friend you refer that enrols into a SecureMyScholarship university.

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Share the love - refer your friends to SecureMyScholarship.

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Your friends secure their enrollment and receive their guaranteed scholarships

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You earn a referral fee for each friend that completes their university enrollment!

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our top performers have earned over AED20,000
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Referring a friend is easy.

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    I am thrilled to share my positive experience with SecureMyScholarship's Refer&Earn Program.

    As a Refer&Earn Partner, I've been able to achieve impressive referral numbers by tapping into the immense potential of this Program.

    Firstly, this opportunity has proven to be an excellent fit for students seeking part-time endeavors.

    Mohammed Sameer

    Student at Heriot-Watt University

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    Information in R&E

    Refer&Earn is an initiative by SecureMyScholarship that allows individuals to earn commission for every student referral that enrols into a SecureMyScholarship partner university.

    In line with the above, the Referrer is only required to submit the details of students who might be interested in enrolling into a university to a member of the SecureMyScholarship team, and the SecureMyScholarship team will handle everything else, from counseling to application submission to final enrollment to visa application.

    Commission will be paid out to the Referrer by SecureMyScholarship for every successful student referral that enrols into a SecureMyScholarship partner university. The Referrer will receive AED 1000 per successful student referral enrollment.

    When do I get my commission?

    All commission is paid out as per the following schedule -

    IntakePayment Date
    Jan/FebJul 15th
    May/JunJan 15th
    Sep/OctJan 15th

    Important Information

    A referral is counted as enrolled if he/she meets the following criteria:
    (1) the student has completed all tuition payments
    (2) the student is actively attending classes
    Once we have received written confirmation from the partner university confirming the aforementioned points, commission will be logged and scheduled for payment.

    SecureMyScholarship reserves the right to amend the above dates at any given time in the event of circumstances arising that are out of SecureMyScholarship's control.

    SecureMyScholarship reserves the right to cancel any pending referral commissions at any time in the event that the Referrer has brought the SecureMyScholarship brand name into disrepute or harm.

    Any questions or clarifications regarding referral commissions must be directed to

    Our team will reach out soon!


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