Advantages of De Montfort University Foundation Courses

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De Montfort University Foundation Courses – Enrolling on a new programme often comes with many challenges, especially if you are someone just leaving school or going to a university after a short gap, say after spending some time in the workforce. Whatever the reason, if you are planning to pursue an undergraduate degree, but feel that you lack the entry requirements for your target course, you can opt for a foundation programme.

De Montfort University Foundation Courses

Foundation programmes are highly beneficial for students wishing to enrol on international universities to study undergraduate courses in Dubai. Year-long foundation programmes with subject pathways help prepare the students for their destination degrees. Foundation programmes in international universities are one of the best ways to introduce students to any bachelor’s degree in Dubai and help them develop the necessary skills.

Foundation programmes for undergraduate degrees in Dubai come with a lot of advantages. Let us take a look at some of them:

  1. Skill Enhancement – One of the most important advantages associated with foundation programme is that it helps improve the skills required by students for their target course. Foundation programmes at leading undergraduate universities in Dubai aim at developing English language proficiency, study skills and specialist subject knowledge of students.
  2. Specialist Pathways – For students who wish to know more about a bachelor’s degree in Dubai before actually enrolling on the courses, the foundation programme can benefit. The best foundation programmes will ready them for the challenges of their degrees and future success.
  3. Expert Teaching Staff – The curriculum of foundation programmes will be taught by the same faculty who will be handling the classes of undergraduate courses in Dubai. This helps the students to develop a strong link to their destination departments.
  4. Open for all – Foundation programmes at undergraduate universities in Dubai boast a curriculum that will offer new to a discipline with a firm foundation. This foundation helps students to build key skills

and portfolio of work which is necessary for successful progression and entry into their chosen undergraduate programme. Also, for students with more experience in their chosen degree discipline, the curriculum will consolidate and augment their existing knowledge and skills.

These are some of the benefits associated with foundation programmes in international universities. So, if ever you are in doubt about a course or feel the lack of skills and knowledge required, kickstart you career with foundation programmes.

The International Year Zero (IYZ) programme at De Montfort University Dubai, prepares students for their chosen undergraduate degrees. The IYZ is a gateway programme that provides specialist pathways to DMU Dubai degree programmes in business and law, social science, engineering, computing and art and design.

Disclaimer – The views expressed in this blog are those of DMU Dubai and do not reflect the views and opinions of the SecureMyScholarship team.

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Karishma Mansukhani

Karishma Mansukhani

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