PTE Exam 2024 – Test Pattern, Registration, Scores and Fees 

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As a study abroad aspirant, you will be well aware that you may be required to take a few entrance tests and English language proficiency tests if you are planning to move to NAtive English-speaking countries like the UK, the UK, Canada, etc. 

There are a number of such English language Proficiency tests. Each test measures your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in English. You can opt for the one that meets your needs and as may be prescribed by the university you wish to apply for. PTE test is one such English Language proficiency test.

PTE Exam 2024 - Test Pattern, Registration, Scores and Fees 

Pearson’s Test of English is the full form of PTE. The PTE test is popularly accepted worldwide for granting college admissions and visas for candidates from non-native English-speaking countries.

There are different PTE tests for different purposes. The tests are as follows. Test Purpose
1 PTE Academic For global university study
2 PTE SELT UK visas and citizenship
3 PTE Core General English test for Canadian migration

This blog focuses on the PTE Academic since it is the most widely taken PTE test by international students looking to study abroad. 

Countries that accept PTE Academic are as follows.

Australia Germany
USA France
UK Poland
Ireland Argentina
Singapore Italy
Canada Japan
New Zealand Czech Republic
Russia China
Spain Brazil
South Africa etc.,

Eligibility for PTE Test

The PTE Academic Exam is accessible to students of all nationalities. To take the exam, candidates must adhere to a set of rules outlined on the official Pearson Test website as follows.

  • Identity Proof

A crucial requirement is a valid, current, and legible identity proof document, typically a passport. This is essential for you to be eligible for the PTE Academic exam.

  • Parental Consent Form

Candidates between 16 and 18 years old must submit a parental consent form. It ensures that the candidate has the necessary consent to take the PTE Academic Exam.

  • Age Requirement

If you are a student aged 18 years and above you are eligible to take the PTE Academic exam without parental consent. The lower age limit is 16, but there is no upper age limit specified for taking up PTE tests. 

PTE Test Pattern

PTE Academic:

PTE academic test is a 2-hour test that measures your proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. 

Each section has many segments/tasks that test your ability and are graded differently. We’ll look into PTE scoring methods in this blog soon.

You can take this test from a test centre. You can take the test online from your house/ office or anywhere else; however, it is not available in China and is available only in selected locations in other countries.


Section Time Allotted Number of Segments
The Reading Section 29-30 minutes 5 Segments
The Listening Section 30-43 Minutes 8 Segments
The Speaking & Writing Section 54-67 Minutes 8 Segments


Reading section

The reading section in the PTE exam tests your vocabulary, reading comprehension ability, grammar, logical thinking, text organisation, and scanning. 

The different segments in the Reading section of the PTE Academic test are as follows:

  1. Reading and Writing- Fill in the Blanks: You will be given a text with several blanks to fill in. You must choose the most suitable answer from the drop-down to fill in the blanks.
  2. Fill in the Blanks: You will be given a text with several blanks to fill in. Fill in the text gaps with the suitable words given in the given box of words. Note that there are more words than gaps available.
  3.  Multiple Choice – Single Correct Answer: You will be given a passenger to answer the multiple-choice question with several possible response options, but only one is correct.
  4. Multiple Choice – Multiple Correct Answers: You will be given a passenger to answer the multiple-choice question with several possible response options, similar to the previous task, but more than one option is correct.
  5. Re-order Paragraphs: Reorder the text boxes on the screen by selecting and dragging them to restore their correct and cohesive sequence from the initial random order.
Task Type Prompt Length Communicative Skills Scored
Multiple Choice – Single Correct Answer Up to 300 words • Reading Comprehension
Multiple Choice – Multiple Correct Answers Up to 300 words • Reading Comprehension

• Scanning

Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks Up to 300 words • Reading Comprehension

• Vocabulary

• Grammar

Fill in the Blanks Up to 80 words • Reading Comprehension

• Vocabulary

• Grammar

Re-order Paragraphs Up to 150 words • Reading Comprehension

• Text Organization

• Logic

Listening section

The listening section in the PTE exam tests your vocabulary, listening comprehension ability, detail identification, spelling, summarisation, Conciseness and grammar. 

The different segments in the Listening section of the PTE Academic test are as follows:

  1. Multiple Choice-Single Correct Answer: An audio recording will be played for you to listen to only once. Listen to it and Respond to the multiple-choice question by selecting one correct answer from the provided options.
  2. Multiple Choice-Multiple Correct Answers: An audio recording will be played for you to listen to only once. Listen to it and Respond to the multiple-choice question by selecting all correct answers from the provided options.
  3. Fill in the Blanks: You will be given an audio transcript. Type in the missing words to restore the transcript by listening to the audio just once
  4. Highlight Correct Summary: A recording will be played once. You have to listen to it and choose the correct summary of it from the option given.
  5. Write from Dictation: you will hear a short sentence. You must type the sentence into the given box at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select Missing Word: You will be played an audio, in which the last word/ words will be replaced with a beep sound. You have to find the most suitable word/words from given options.
  7. Highlight Incorrect Word: you will be played an audio. You must  Identify errors in the transcript by selecting words that differ from the speaker’s words while listening to the audio and reading the text simultaneously.
  8. Summarise Spoken Text: An audio recording will be played for you to listen only once, which you must summarise in about 50-70 words within the given time
Task Type Duration Communicative Skills Tested
Multiple Choice-Single Correct Answer 30-90 seconds • Listening Comprehension
Multiple Choice-Multiple Correct Answers 40-90 seconds • Listening Comprehension

• Detail Identification

Fill in the Blanks 30-60 seconds • Listening Comprehension

• Spelling

• Vocabulary

Highlight Correct Summary 30-90 seconds • Listening Comprehension

• Summarization

Write from Dictation 3-5 Seconds • Listening Comprehension

• Spelling

• Grammar

Select Missing Word 20-70 seconds • Listening Comprehension

• Vocabulary

Highlight Incorrect Word 15-50 seconds • Listening Comprehension

• Reading

Summarise Spoken Text 10 Minutes • Listening Comprehension

• Summarization

• Conciseness

Speaking & Writing Section

The Speaking and writing section in the PTE exam tests your vocabulary, fluency, cohesion, speaking skills, conciseness and expression through tone.

This section has one ungraded segment called personal introduction, just for you to get familiar with the process. The graded segments in the Speaking and Writing section of the PTE Academic test are as follows:

  1. Read Aloud: A text will appear on the screen, and you have to read it out loud.
  2. Describe Image: An image will appear on the screen and you must describe it in your own words
  3. Repeat Sentence: An audio will be played, you must listen to it and repeat it 
  4. Answer Short Question: You will be asked a simple question which you must answer in one or a few words.
  5. Re-tell Lecture: An audio of a lecture will be played once. You must listen to it and re-tell that lecture in your own words.
  6. Summarise Written Text: You will be given a text of around 300 words. You must read it and summarise it in a single sentence of less than 75 words.
  7. Essay: You will be given a topic, and you must write an essay of 200-300 words
Task Type Duration Communicative Skills Scored
Read Aloud Up to 60 words • Pronunciation

• Fluency

• Reading

Describe Image N/A • Vocabulary

• Grammar

• Cohesion

• Relevance

Repeat Sentence 3-9 Seconds • Pronunciation

• Listening

• Speaking

Answer Short Question 3-9 Seconds • Spoken Expression

• Vocabulary

• Listening

Re-tell Lecture Up to 90 Seconds • Speaking Skills

• Listening

• Retention

Summarise Written Text Up to 300 words • Reading Comprehension

• Summarization

• Conciseness

Essay 2-3 Sentences • Writing

PTE Scoring 

The PTE Scorecard gives two scores for the candidates.

  • Overall score: It ranges from 10-90, showing your overall performance across the sections of the PTE exam
  • Cumulative score: The score obtained at each section of the PTE exam adds up to the overall score.

The PTE scoring system employs automated scoring technologies, evaluating responses based on correctness, formal aspects, and response quality. It uses two scoring methods to ensure a thorough and unbiased assessment of candidates’ English language skills.

  •  Correct or Incorrect Scoring

This evaluates objective segments/tasks with definitive answers, like multiple-choice questions or fill-in-the-blanks. This approach relies on determining the accuracy of responses.

  • Partial Credit Scoring method 

This method provides a nuanced evaluation for tasks demanding more subjective responses like essay writing, speaking tasks, or summarising written texts. Here, the scoring considers various aspects such as fluency, pronunciation, and adherence to task-specific criteria, 

By incorporating these two scoring methods, the PTE scoring system provides a comprehensive and fair evaluation of candidates’ language proficiency, considering diverse segments and aspects of language usage.

Here is the framework to understand your PTE scores:

PTE Score English Proficiency Level
85-90 Expert
76-84 Advanced
59-75 Upper-Intermediate
43-58 Intermediate
30-42 Elementary
10-29 Beginner

PTE exam Registration process

PTE Academic test is a 2-hour online exam perfect for study abroad aspirants as Universities from across the world accept this test.

The PTE exam can be taken any day throughout the year, based on the availability at your preferred test centre. You can register and apply for a test just 24 hours prior. 

Follow the steps below to register easily for your PTE Academic test-

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on ‘Book at test’

Step 3: Select ‘Book PTE Academic’

Step 4: Now select a convenient PTE test centre.

Step 5: Choose a convenient time and date from the available slots.

Step 6: Create/ Sign in to your myPTE account.

Step 7: Complete the profile. Read the ID policy and make payment.

Step 8: Review your appointment details and submit.

PTE Exam Fees

The PTE Exam fees for Indian candidates is Rs. 17000 including 18% tax. The price changes from country to country but averages around the same price. If you book the PTE test within 48 hours before the exam, you will incur an additional Rs.695 as a late fee. 

Rescheduling fees:

  • You can reschedule your test without paying any extra fee if you have more than 14 days left before the PTE test date
  • You can only cancel the test. Rescheduling is not possible if you have less than 7 days left before the PTE exam date
  • Rescheduling is allowed for a maximum of 6 times

(Note that this policy timeframe does not include the test day.)

Cancellation fees

  • You will receive a 100% refund if you cancel at least 14 days prior to the PTE exam date.
  • You will receive a 50% refund of the initial test fee if you cancel within 8-13 days before the PTE exam. 
  • You will not be given any refund if you cancel within 7 days before the scheduled PTE test.

Traditionally, IELTS and TOEFL dominated the English language testing landscape. However, the introduction of the PTE exam marked a notable addition. This 2-hour test has been preferred by many students aspiring to study abroad. 

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