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Careers in Television and Film – A means of expression for some, a mode of entertainment for others; an aesthetic process for some, a cathartic journey for others – nonetheless, art is a source of integrity for all. Artistic expression has been enthralling audiences across the world for centuries on end, extending from the nava rasas of Indian theatre to the classic Greek pathos.

Over the centuries, this sheer magic of cinema and theatre has attracted as many professionals as it has captivated audiences. Many young individuals are now enrolling in drama schools and courses; consequently, esteemed universities worldwide have been offering superior-quality film-and-theatre education, striking the perfect balance between drama theory and its application in different capacities.

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Careers in Television and Film

The world of performing arts is resplendent with lucrative opportunities for young talents having pursued their degrees in film and theatre. The best part is that these opportunities are not limited to the conventional careers of acting and direction! Have a look at some of the unconventional careers out there for film-and-theatre graduates:

Advertising Art Director: In this world of cut-throat competition, the attention spans of most audiences are rather short. Consequently, an advertisement must flawlessly integrate creativity with astute presentation to captivate its target group and convince them to purchase the product being endorsed. An advertising art director plays a pivotal role in collaborating with copywriters and generating creative ideas to set up advertising campaigns.

The primary responsibilities of an advertising art director include gauging the characteristics of the target audience; drafting “storyboards” or “scamps”—i.e., rough sketches to convey specific ideas—revolving around the chosen theme; coordinating with internal teams as well as clients to finalize advertising strategies; and being involved in all the creative aspects of ad development. As per Comparably statistics, advertising art directors in the U.S. earn approximately 69,000$, which is merely the base salary projection.

Location Manager: While the dialogues of a film narrate a part of the story, its settings subtly convey the implied nuances. A location manager is an indispensable member of a film crew in earmarking the most suitable locations wherein the film may be shot. Moreover, s/he is also responsible for securing the required permissions from the government for shooting at specific locations. The job is also incredibly flexible; therefore, several location managers work on a freelance or contractual basis and gradually progress to significant heights in their careers.

VFX Artist: Engaging the audience’s visual senses plays an important role in ensuring a holistic cinema-viewing experience. A VFX artist handles digital imageries at various levels. Some VFX professionals handle technical direction, whereas some others may be responsible for animation, multimedia, and supervision. VFX artists typically coordinate with movie editors and other significant professionals from the crew to conceptualize and create special effects in movies. Today, VFX is also an essential element of television and video games, which has expanded the professional scope of VFX artists. According to Glassdoor projections, a VFX artist earns an average of 73,000$ a year.

Casting Director: Shortlisting the right group of actors is half the battle won while trying to ensure a film or serial’s success. Herein lies the indispensable role of a casting director. With a keen eye for talent, coupled with the ability to envision and conceptualize stories and their characters, a casting director helps fulfil the director’s dream by setting up the perfect cast for a budding movie or telecast. Students having completed their degrees in film and theatre and aspiring to opt for a challenging and gratifying role in the field of visual media often find their niche in casting direction. Moreover, in today’s world of OTT platforms and a subsequent surge in series and movies online, a capable casting director is undoubtedly the need of the hour!

Sound Technician: Although stunning graphics can intrigue audiences and transport them to a different realm, film and theatre are audio-visual media. Therefore, sound quality and effects are equally significant in these fields. The primary role of a sound technician is to maintain, use, and upgrade the equipment used to produce sounds in films, television series, dramas, and other platforms governing audio-visual media. Sound technicians are also typically up-to-date with the trends and developments in the world of sound, incorporating them as appropriate in their collaborative efforts. Such initiatives contribute to providing audiences with a ravishing audio-visual experience! Today, sound technicians are sought after not only for movies, television, and theatre but also advertisements and some fine arts performances.

Advertising Copywriter: Few adages are perhaps as evergreen as “The pen is mightier than the sword.” A well-written copy can rule the marketing world and win over audiences with its tonality and uniqueness. Undoubtedly, copywriting as a field has emerged as a lucrative profession in advertising and media. Moreover, ad copywriting is flexible and has several freelancing options, enabling individuals to achieve work–life balance. Today, copywriting is highly in demand across the media industry; several young individuals with a flair for writing and a degree in film and theatre are embracing this dynamic profession.

The film and theatre world is resplendent with opportunities, from writing and production to set designing, lights and sound. Individuals with degrees in film and theatre are looking upon a promising professional journey. Several universities worldwide are now offering courses that encourage students’ talents and help them excel in their chosen fields. We would be happy to help you find your niche in film and theatre and select the right courses. Visit SecureMyScholarship now.

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