Cost of Living in UK for International Students

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Cost of living in UK for International Students – Get the breakdown of what it really costs to live as an international student in the UK! From the luxury living in London(EUR 12,000 TO EUR 15,600) to the budget-friendly vibe of Swansea (EUR 700 to EUR 900).

Cost of living in UK for International students
The cost of living for an international student is a big deal. You’re ready to take your first step to study abroad, but suddenly, you realize, “Wait a minute, how much is going to cost me?” That’s when you start figuring out everything related to your living in the UK.

When you are all set to study abroad as an international student, you have to figure out where you’re going to live, what you’re going to eat, how you’re going to get around, and the list goes on.

Maybe you want to study in a bustling metropolis like London, where everything’s a bit pricier, or you may chill in a smaller city like Swansea, where the cost might be a bit lower, but still, you will get a quality education.

Your food choices, student accommodation, education-related costs, and everything else add up. So it’s important to make smart choices without much stressing about money.

Breakdown of cost of living in UK for International students:


Types of Expense Cost of Expense Cost of Expense(Rupees)
University Residence £727 to £515 INR 65549 to INR 46435
Private Housing £848 to £505 INR 76460 to INR 45533
Food and groceries  
Dine out(Dinner) £15 INR 1352
Food £100 to £200 INR 9016 to INR 18032
Taxi GBP 1.24 INR 130
Gasoline GBP 1.56 INR164
Public transport GBP 2.50 INR 263
Other expenses-
Stationary and Textbooks £20 to £40 INR 1803 to INR 3606
Internet and Mobile £40 to £50 INR 3606 to INR 4508
Clothing £50 to £75 INR 4508 to INR 6763
Leisure and Sports £10 to £20
Health insurance (Per Year)
6 months or less(Leave included) £150 INR 13530
More than 6 months (Leave included) £300 INR 27060

Managing your finances as an International student can feel like a whole new course. But I have your back with some practical advice to help you navigate the financial side of international student life.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities:

Let’s talk about easing your financial burden-scholarships and financial aid. No, I’m not fantasising about anything, but scholarship opportunities can make a difference.

Start by researching scholarships specific to international students in the UK. Many universities in the UK offer merit-based scholarships or ones tailored to certain fields of study. Keep an eye out for government-sponsored scholarships too, both from your home country and the UK.

Trick: Apply early and apply often! It may take some effort, but the payoff could be huge literally.

Budgeting Strategies for Managing Living Expenses:

Start by tracking your expenses. Seriously, write down every single penny you spend. It might sound tedious, but it’s eye-opening. Apps like Mint or PocketGuard can make this process a breeze.

Next, create a budget. Start by listing your income(e.g., part-time job, or parental support!) and then allocate amounts for essentials like rent, groceries, and transportation.

Ways to save money and Balance your cost of living in UK

Student discounts and perks
You walk into a store, flash your student ID, and bam! Suddenly, everything’s a little cheaper. From clothing stores to cinemas, museums to restaurants, there’s often a sweet discount waiting just for you. So, don’t be shy about asking if they offer student deals.

Cooking at home vs. eating out
Eating out can be a blast but also drains your wallet. That’s where cooking at home comes in handy. Hit the local market or supermarket, grab some fresh ingredients, and channel your inner chef. Not only is it often cheaper than dining out, but it’s also a great way to bond with your flatmates.

Public transportation vs owning a car
Owning a car sounds cool, but it can quickly become a money pit between insurance, petrol, and parking fees. Opting for buses, trains, or even cycling can be way more budget-friendly.

Switch to Hybrid Model:
A hybrid model is where some colleges or universities allow students to continue their first-year studies in their home country and then from the next their, they are asked to come to universities to continue studying. This can save a lot on your living expenses.

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1. How much does it cost to live in the UK for international students?
The cost of living in the UK as an international student can vary depending on location, lifestyle, and personal preferences. On average, international students should budget EUR800 to EUR1500 per month to cover accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses. Plan accordingly to ensure a comfortable experience.

2. How much is the rent per month for the students in the UK?
The cost of rent for students in the UK varies depending on the city and type of accommodation. On average, students can expect to pay EUR 150 per week and EUR 1023 per month.

3. How expensive is the UK for Indian Students?
The cost of living in UK for Indian students can be significant, but it is manageable with careful budgeting and planning. While expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, and daily necessities may be higher than living in India, there are also opportunities for financial assistance through scholarships, grants, and part-time work. The cost of living in UK may vary from around 12,000 GBP to 16,000 GBP for Indian students.

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