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Fall Intake in Canada 2024 – Studying abroad is one of the enriching experiences that opens the door to opportunities in the world. Today, Canada has become the most desirable study destination for international students, and the possible reason is more than a single intake offered by Canadian Universities throughout the year.

If you are a student looking for a high-quality education and an excellent quality of life, then studying in Canada is for you. Canadian universities offer three intakes within a short stipulated period, giving freedom to students to choose their area of interest.

Furthermore, these intakes are crucial for overseas students as they correspond to their respective academic sessions. Understanding the intake timeline can help the student to make wise decisions. Now, let us look at the three types of intakes the Canadian Universities offer, the admission timeline overview, and further steps to start your application process.

Fall September Intake in Canada - Know All About Courses Colleges Deadlines Admission Last Date

Intakes in Canada 2024

As we have discussed earlier, there are three essential intakes offered by Canadian Universities, which are as follows:

  1. Summer intake – Comprise with a Limited number of Courses. Intake begins in April to May.
  2. Fall intake – Popular among Asian students. Intake begins in September.
  3. Winter intake – Second most popular for students who missed Fall Intake in Canada. Intake begins in January.

Out of these three intakes, Fall Intake in Canada is the most popular one in attracting students abroad because many Canadian Universities open their admission portals for various popular courses.

Therefore, it gives high exposure and allows you to bag your seats in one of them. Studying in Canada in 2024 in the Fall intake is the best option for you if you are looking to study abroad at the earliest.

If you are interested in studying in Canada, keep reading this article, as we will look at every nook and cranny of the Fall intake Colleges in Canada, Courses available for Fall intake, Application timelines and deadlines, etc., which will be essential for you to know. So, buckle up yourself, and let us begin.

Fall [September] Intake Colleges in Canada for 2024

Most Universities open up their admission portal with a higher number of seats and exciting courses during Fall Intake compared to the other intakes in Canada, which makes fall intake the most popular intake of all seasons.

Also, the students of academic sessions from other countries’ universities like Indian universities, where the courses usually end by May to June, can continue their studies in the desired course with out a break in between.

Note: Fall Intake in Canada and September Intake in Canada are the same.

However, you must remember that all Canadian Universities have the same eligibility criteria and application process. Here is the list of available universities and colleges in Canada for the January 2024 intake:

College/ university Tuition fee/ year (In INR)

(1CAD= 62.49)

Algoma University 6,55,743
Centennial College 12,15,765
Conestoga College 968463
Fanshawe College 1782000
Lethbridge University 1249630
MacEwan University 1187148
Memorial University of Newfoundland 687296
Mount Allison University 24,23,280
Ryerson University 2187111
 Thompson Rivers University 624888

Note: The tuition fees mentioned here are only average fees for various courses. The actual cost may vary

Step-by-step Guide For Fall Intake to Study in Canada 2024

Here, we are sharing an application timeline, considering that you are willing to join through the  Fall Intake in Canada 2024.

Step 1: Research & List Down the Universities (September 2023 – October 2023)

  • Start your research based on your course preferences and then consider Courses available for Fall intake in Canada, which means you get enough time to decide.
  • Visit the university website to check the course details, faculty information, and application date.
  • Mark the application deadline in your Google Calendar of all shortlisted universities so you get a digital reminder.

Step 2: Start Preparing for Mandatory Examinations (September 2023 – November 2023)

  • It would be best if you cracked standardised examinations such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc., per the University’s requirements two to three months in advance.
  • Usually, exam results are out within two to three weeks. Keep a buffer month with you in case of reappearing the test.
  • Delaying this might make applying in time for the fall intake hard.

Step 3: Filling and Submitting Applications (November 2023 – January 2024)

  • Fill out the Application Forms for your Shortlisted Universities.
  • Complete your application with the correct details and no chance of error.
  • Learn How to write an SOP and emphasise your skills and willingness to join the courses.
  • If you are a student, get your recommendation letter from your professors, and working professionals can get it from managers. Following this, all the paperwork must begin a month before the application deadline.

Step 4: Sending Acceptance Mails & Interview Rounds (February 2024 – April 2024)

  • The University will send you a selection mail, and you must accept them as soon as possible. Request a telephone or video call from the college admission department for smooth communication.
  • Universities will schedule online interviews in various rounds, including group discussions, to assess your Interpersonal skills and other parameters.
  • Make wise and timely decisions while choosing the University, and do not wait for the application deadline to close because Canadian Universities work on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • If you missed the deadline you can sometimes apply with a late fee but with the risk of not making it through the fall intake
  • After accepting & confirming your seat, you have to send a nonrefundable confirmation deposit to the University.

Step 5: Apply for Student Visa & Education Loan/Scholarships (May 2024 – July 2024)

  • Once your Education is confirmed, you must apply for an education loan or external scholarships, as these procedures will take time.
  • Make a file of all the financial documents you need to make your Canada study visa for Fall intake.
  • Search for international scholarships in Canada and apply for them as soon as you receive your admission letter.

Step 6: Get Set Go! (July 2024 – August 2024)

  • Book your tickets in advance, as you can fly a month before the commencement of your course. For fall intake, you can reach it by August.
  • As per your budget, look in or off-campus accommodations,
  • Keep a file of your student visa, financial documents, and University Acceptance Letter for your travel.
  • The best is to carry international debit or credit card financial transactions. After all the procedures, you are ready to soar high and make an excelling career.

Note: The months mentioned above are tentative, and remember, the Application Deadline for Fall intake in Canada means it begins between July and August for most universities. Focus on applying at least 6 months prior to the date of commencement of your course for the fall intake.

Pros of Fall Intake in Canada 2024

  • Usually, in fall intake, Universities offer a variety of courses.
  • There is a higher acceptance rate as compared to other intakes.
  • Students who start their Education during the fall intake in Canada can get job opportunities and internships as the campus placements begin in the 2nd year.
  • You can also get high funding/scholarships from the University in fall intake in Canada.

Cons of Fall Intake in Canada 2024

  • As before the Fall intake, the University does not offer all the courses in the Summer intake. Some students wait for the fall intake to get admission into their desired courses. Thus making the selection process competitive.
  • Sometimes, due to more number of applications, your application might be missed and the deadline for the September intake in Canada will be exceeded.


We believe this article gave you all the information regarding the Fall intake in Canada. With our step-by-step guide, you can keep a timeline overview for your application process initiation, examinations, SOPs, recommendation letter, study visa for Canada, updates regarding the deadline for September intake Canada, etc. Perhaps sticking to the Canada university application deadline all by yourself could be daunting, but you do not need to worry because SecureMyScholarship is there to your rescue. Our Admission Counsellors would ease the process and help you get a scholarship for your course. For further information, get in touch with our counsellors today and enrol in Fall Intake in Canada 2024 programs.

FAQs about Fall Intake in Canada 2024

Q1. What are the Courses available for Fall intake in Canada 2024?

Generally, Fall intake is best in Canada for its multidisciplinary courses in areas such as MBA, MS, Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Humanities, etc. You can enrol in graduate, postgraduate, diploma, or Ph.D. programs.

Q2. Is Fall Intake and September Intake in Canada the Same?

Yes, the Fall intake in Canada is also known as the September intake in Canada, and they are the same. This intake is the most favourable out of all the three intakes.

Q3. When can I apply for Fall intake in Canada?

For Fall intake in Canada 2024, you must apply between November 2023 and January 2024 because the universities release their application in large numbers so the earlier you apply the better your chances are to get in through the September/ Fall intake in 2024. Further, you must start preparing for the essential exams such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, etc.

Q4. How much gap is accepted for study in Canada?

To study in Canada, a 2-year gap for undergraduates and 5 5-year gap for postgraduates is acceptable. However, you must check the eligibility with the respective University or College for their eligibility norms regarding year gaps.

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