How do you find part-time jobs for International Students in Dubai?

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Part-Time Jobs for International Students in DubaiThe UAE is known as one of the richest countries in the world, with Dubai being a popular luxury travel destination for tourists worldwide. UAE has been known for exporting commodities like pearls and petroleum products. Eventually, the country diversified its economy by focusing on tourism, real estate, and other business sectors.

Part-time jobs for international students in Dubai

It has now opened its economy, encouraging foreign companies to establish business in the UAE. The country is growing its economy and has started competing with other countries in various sectors, leading to the growth of the education sector as well in Dubai.

A growing economy is a boon to the students who will soon enter the job market. You grow as the economy grows. With the increasing opportunities for new businesses coming in, your opportunities to get jobs also increase. Yes, cities like Dubai are expensive, but so are many countries worldwide. It depends on your income and how you plan your living expenses in Dubai.

Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Dubai

Dubai is becoming a hub for global businesses. It is attracting a lot of investment to its economy, but it is also attracting a lot of talent into the country. There are many opportunities, but so is the competition. Dubai is an employer’s market, so employers have many candidates to choose from on short notice.

International students were not allowed to work part-time or full-time until 2010. After the country started opening its doors to international players, it brought in a reform to allow international students to work part-time in the UAE, similar to the UK and the US. However, as an international student, you must obtain a work permit to work part-time for 16 hours a week or 60 hours a month. The pay for a part-time job in Dubai varies based on the job role. However, the average pay is as follows:

Min wage/hour Max wage/hour
AED 15 30
USD 4 8
INR 240 680

Eligibility to Work Part-Time for International Students in Dubai

Before 2010, international students could take up only internships and no other part-time roles. The country has now permitted its international students to work part-time if they hold a work permit. 

Here is the list of eligibility criteria for working part-time in Dubai

  • You must be above the age of 18
  • Your University/college must be your sponsor
  • You must fulfil the academic criteria set by your university.
  • You must obtain a visa issued by the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA)

If you meet the above criteria, contact the Career Services Centre at your college or university. You will be given a Student Legibility Confirmation application form. You will sign it and submit it to KHDA for validation. If successful, you will receive an email notification.

Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Dubai

Part-time jobs help international students handle their expenses better, especially for students from countries like India, whose home currency value is lower than that of AED. Beyond managing finances, working part-time also helps students interact with the locals, network, better understand the culture, and even get relevant work experience. 

You can find jobs on-campus or off-campus based on availability and convenience. Here is a list of jobs and their average pay. (note that this is only the average pay scale. The actual pay might vary based on the location and experience)

1. On-campus Part-time Jobs for International Students in Dubai

Finding a job on campus will be helpful for students who want to learn more about a teacher’s role, campus life, and roles that align with their academic journey.

Jobs Salary(AED/hour)
Campus Ambassador 30-35
Teaching Assistant 40-45
Library Assistant 45-50
Receptionist 45-50

2. Off-campus Part-time Jobs for International Students in Dubai

Of–campus jobs could be unskilled labour or mundane jobs with decent pay. However, you can find better jobs and internships with proper networking and research.

Jobs salary(AED/hour)
Tutor 40-60
Cab driver 65-100
cashier 25-35
Packing 16-30
Housekeeping 35-65
Translator 60-75

How do you find part-time Jobs for International Students in Dubai?

1. On-campus part-time jobs

  • Most universities offer part-time jobs for their students.
  • This is the most advised option for working part-time. Since it is within the campus, the chances of you breaching a law are almost zero.
  • You will get to work in different departments, libraries etc. 

2. Online Job Portals for part-time jobs

  • Online job portals such as Indeed, Monster, and Dubizzle provide valuable resources for your part-time job hunt. 
  • These widely recognised platforms enable you to explore a variety of part-time positions directly and efficiently. 
  • Use the filter options to tailor your job search based on your skills and preferences.

3. University Career Centers 

  • University career centres are invaluable hubs for part-time employment guidance. 
  • Explore these centres to access insights into available positions and job openings.
  • Establish connections with potential employers through these centres, as they have a good network of companies looking to hire students for part-time roles.

4. Internship Programs

  • International students consider internship programs in Dubai to integrate education and employment seamlessly.
  • Many companies offer students the opportunity to intern with them, providing hands-on experience and possibly converting it to full-time employment after graduation.
  • Unlike other part-time roles, internships add to your relevant field experience.  

5. Part-Time Job Fairs

  • Dubai actively promotes part-time employment through dedicated job fairs. 
  • Look for events specifically tailored for part-time and intern positions. These offer an interactive platform for international students to engage directly with potential employers. 
  • Universities and local job search organisations often host these fairs, providing a centralised space to explore diverse part-time opportunities.

6. Networking

  • As an international student in Dubai, it is imperative to use the power of networking as a key aspect of your job search.
  • Actively participate in industry events and workshops to leverage professional networking. 
  • Networking significantly enhances your discoverability to employment prospects since influences work like magic in Dubai.

7. Temporary Staffing Agencies

  • Temporary staffing agencies in Dubai come in handy to find Part-time jobs and short stints to make money during your free time.
  • These agencies act as informative intermediaries, efficiently matching you with temporary job opportunities aligned with your skills and availability. 
  • Collaborating with local staffing agencies ensures a streamlined approach, providing you with information on part-time positions that suit your preferences.
  • However, consider these as a last resort as these services may be paid

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has transformed from an economy relying on commodities to a diversified powerhouse welcoming international businesses. This growth extends opportunities to students, especially in Dubai, where part-time jobs are now accessible. 

Though competitive, the city’s vibrant job market offers roles both on and off-campus, aiding students in managing expenses and gaining valuable experience. The UAE’s strategic initiatives, including job fairs and networking, contribute to a dynamic environment, making it a promising destination for international students.

If you want to pursue your higher education in Dubai at reputed international universities with affordable tuition fees, we’re here to help. Request a call from our expert team of academic counsellors to make your dream of studying abroad come true!

FAQs Related to Part-Time Jobs For International Students in Dubai

Q1. How much do international students earn in Dubai?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, salaries for foreign students who work in addition to their education can range from AED 30,000 to AED 80,000. However, this could change based on the company, the type of work, the area, prior experience, etc.

Q2. What are the part-time workers in Dubai?

As an international student, you can on an average earn around AED 3500 which is INR 79,400 approximately.

Q3. Is it expensive to live in Dubai for students?

Approximately $1000 USD per month for meals and shared housing. Using public transit can cost you about $100 USD for transportation. AED 4,000 to AED 5,000 per month for an apartment shared by two or three students.

Q4. How many hours working is part-time in Dubai?

All the employee has to do is ask the MOHRE for authorization. A part-time worker must work for their principal employer for at least 20 hours per week; beyond that, they are free to work for other companies as long as their total working hours don’t exceed 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week.

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