How to Get an International Student Identity ISIC Card?

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How to Get an International Student Identity ISIC Card – Are you a student who’s looking to get great student discounts? Then, we have a card for you. The International Student Identity ISIC Card is a globally accepted identity card for student status verification, access to the global student community, multiple discounts and much more. However, you may have a question about how to get an international student identity card.

International Student Identity ISIC Card?

In this article, we are going to brief you on all aspects of how to get an ISIC Card. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted full-time student status documentation. Worldwide, national governments, academic institutions, student associations, universities, and education ministries recognise it. Organisations like the Andean Community of Nations, UNESCO, and the European Council on Culture support it. (Needs to get updated)

Know About the ISIC Association

The non-profit organization that created the International Student Identity Card is called the ISIC Association. The ISIC card was originally designed by students in 1953 and is currently issued to students in 95 countries. 

By facilitating the international recognition of their official student status, the ISIC Association seeks to play a significant supporting role in students’ lives worldwide, making their time as students easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable. Since 1968, UNESCO has supported the ISIC card, which numerous national governments, education and tourism ministries, student organisations, and universities across the globe also support.

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, has been virtually involved in developing the ISIC from the start. In 1995, UNESCO became an International Student Travel Conference member and endorsed the ISIC card. The ISIC card received official approval and full support from UNESCO in 1968. UNESCO acknowledged the ISIC card as the only globally recognized evidence of full-time student status and a special document promoting cross-cultural communication and understanding. 1993 saw the signing of an updated Memorandum of Understanding. Since 1993, the UNESCO logo has been present on the ISIC card. UNESCO acknowledges the ISIC card as a special document that promotes cross-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

Who is Eligible for ISIC Card?

You can apply for the ISIC student card if you attend a school, college, or university full-time. The maximum age is not specified.

Upon application, proof of full-time student status will be needed.

Not enrolled in school anymore?

Be at ease! The International Youth Travel card is available to those 30 years of age or younger (IYTC). You can still participate in the ISIC global community and enjoy thousands of the same discounts and benefits as an ISIC student card if you have an IYTC card.

Documents needed for International Student Identity ISIC Card

Here is the list of the documents needed to get an ISIC Card. 

  • One passport-sized picture.
  • Identity proof such as a voter ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc.
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • 10th Grade Report Card, Birth Certificate, Voter ID, etc.
  • Evidence of being a full-time student: Display your official school ID, a letter from your academic institution, or other documentation attesting to your status as a paid, full-time student.

You can download the free ISIC Benefits app from your phone to search for ISIC benefits and discounts globally.

Why get an International Student Identity ISIC Card?

Knowing that you can get all kinds of discounts as a student is truly remarkable. Having an ISIC Card as a student can be a life-changing experience, providing many benefits. These ISIC card login details can be done via online websites. 

Here are some reasons why and how to get an ISIC Card as an International Student. 

  • Verify Your Status as a Student

The first and foremost thing is to verify yourself as a student with the help of an identity card. The ISIC card is the only globally accepted documentation of full-time student status approved by UNESCO. 

  • Worldwide Community

Participate in an international student community and have access to resources and services from around the world. A global community is a way to let you explore the world and open the door of opportunity.

  • Saving Money

Are you planning to go back to your country and you need discounts on your travel? Then, you simply rely on an ISIC Card to help you save money. In this scenario, you will be getting thousands of student discounts for travel, culture, dining, and shopping domestically and overseas.

  • Student Mobility

You may only need your university identity card in some places if you have an ISIC Card Student because this will verify your student status while travelling with ISIC in more than 130 countries.

  • Changed Lives

Savor experiences and services that are pertinent to every facet of student life. As you can explore more while having an ISIC card as a student, you can experience and get exposed to various—exciting things in the world.

  • ISIC Mobile Application

ISIC is like an identity card, and how? You can access the ISIC Mobile Application and your mobile device to access offers, your digital card, and more. Just like banking services, the ISIC Mobile application can provide you with all the information with one click on your phone. 

What is ISIC Card Cost?

The card costs between 4 and 25 euros, depending on the nation in which it is issued. To maintain maximum equity, it is governed by the purchasing power of each nation.

What is ISIC Card Validity?

ISIC cards are typically issued in accordance with the national study cycle of the nation in which they were purchased. Only bonafide students enrolled full-time in secondary and postsecondary education are eligible for an ISIC card. To be eligible, students must be at least 12 years old. With an ISIC card, there is no maximum age.

A 16-month ISIC card is valid. An ISIC card’s validity period runs concurrently with the academic year in the nation where it was purchased. For instance, the ISIC card is typically valid from September 1 to December 31 of the following year in nations where the academic year begins in September (such as those in the Northern Hemisphere). ISIC cards are valid for 16 months, from 1 February to 30 May, in nations where the academic year starts in February.

Advantages of International Student Identity ISIC Card

Here are some more advantages of having an ISIC Card as a Student.

  • Globally recognised method of verifying your official student status Various discounts and benefits available
  • More than 40,000 specific discounts and benefits are available at nearly 126,000 locations in 130 countries.

How to get an ISIC Card?

The student will receive a free* scratch card with a code within the Student Travel Card welcome kit.

In just three easy steps, apply for an ISIC card by scratching off the card to reveal the code:

Go to ISIC Official website and enter the required information.

  • Scan and submit the required documents as specified by ISIC.
  • Use the scratch code found on the scratch card included with the Student Travel Card welcome kit when Choosing your payment method.

Another is to apply online

  • You can select your respective territory
  • It will show the list of local offices from where you can get your ISIC Card. 


Get yourself all the way up with the International Student Identity ISIC Card because this will help you avail discounts at every place you go and let you save a lot of money during your education days. 

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FAQs on ISIC Card

1. What is ISIC card UK?

ISIC card UK is for students living in UK, and you can access ISIC Card in any country. Every country has its access to cards. 

2. What are the benefits of ISIC membership in the UK?

With your ISIC card, you can save money on dining out, lodging, and hostels in the UK, as well as on sightseeing and museum and art gallery admission costs. But all of this begins with transportation from the airport.

3. Can I use my student ID abroad?

ISIC cards are accepted by academic institutions, national governments, student organizations, and ministries of education worldwide; proving your student status while studying overseas is simple.

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