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Jobs in UK After MBA – The United Kingdom has become a global economic hub that is nurturing many multinational companies and making it a suitable destination for job seekers across the globe, especially MBA graduates. With the importance of strategic planning in building successful careers after an MBA in the UK, it’s essential to be familiar with potential opportunities, key recruiters, and expected salaries in the job market. What are the Stay Back Options after MBA in UK after completing an MBA in the UK, international students often wish to stay in the country to gain work experience or even settle permanently. Thankfully, the UK government provides several visa options to allow students to stay back after completing their studies. Here are some of the key options:

Jobs in UK After MBA

Graduate Immigration Route

The UK government introduced the Graduate Immigration Route in 2021, which allows international students, after completing a degree at a UK Higher Education Provider, to stay in the UK for two years (or three years for Doctoral students) to work or look for work. Relying on Graduation Immigration Route is a safe option for MBA graduates because it is not restricting them to stop working. Also, it does not require any sponsorship from the employer. This makes it an ideal first step for those seeking jobs in the UK after their MBA.

Skilled Worker Visa

Once you have completed an MBA, and have received a job offer from a UK employer, you can choose to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa. In this category, the job requires a skill level (RQF3 or above) and you must be getting somewhere £25,600 per year, or the on going rate of the job as per market standards.  Note that the Skilled Worker Visa requires sponsorship from your employer.

Start-up and Innovator Visa

Some of you might be interested in starting a business in the UK, the Start-up and Innovator visa categories will be the perfect fit. The Start-up visa is designed for those setting up an innovative business for the first time, while the Innovator visa is for those with industry experience and at least £50,000 in funding. Both routes require endorsement from an approved body, but they offer a pathway to settlement in the UK.

Intra-company Transfer Visa

If you’re working for an international company that has offices in the UK, you might be able to transfer to a UK role using the Intra-company Transfer Visa. Your employer would need to sponsor this visa and the role must meet certain salary and skill requirements.

What are the top recruiters giving jobs after MBA in UK

These are the primary options for MBA graduates wishing to stay back in the UK after their studies. It’s important to plan ahead and consider which option would be most suitable for your career goals and personal circumstances. Always consult with a legal expert or trusted advisor when making immigration decisions.

Jobs in UK after MBA

The UK is a thriving business hub that attracts numerous multinational companies across various sectors. As such, there are several top recruiters known for offering rewarding roles to MBA graduates in the UK. Here are some of the key players:

Consulting Firms: Top-tier consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company are renowned for recruiting MBA graduates. Additionally, firms like Accenture, Deloitte, EY, PwC, and KPMG also offer various roles for MBA graduates, including positions in strategy and operations consulting.

Financial Institutions: The financial sector is a prominent recruiter of MBA graduates in the UK. Banks such as Barclays, HSBC, and Standard Chartered, investment banks like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley, and investment management firms like BlackRock and Vanguard, frequently hire MBA graduates for roles in investment banking, asset management, risk management, and financial consulting.

Tech Companies: Big tech companies, often referred to as “FAANG” (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), actively recruit MBA graduates for roles ranging from product management to business development. In addition, other tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, and LinkedIn, as well as startups and unicorns, offer exciting opportunities for MBA graduates.

Consumer Goods Companies: Renowned consumer goods companies such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Nestle are known to recruit MBA graduates for various roles, including brand management, sales, and supply chain management.

Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer offer roles in areas like pharmaceutical sales, product management, and strategic planning for MBA graduates.

Energy Companies: Energy companies, including BP, Shell, and ExxonMobil, hire MBA graduates for roles in project management, strategy, and operations.

Automotive Companies: Automakers such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and Ford also recruit MBA graduates for a variety of roles, including strategy, operations, and product management.

These companies represent just a small selection of potential employers for MBA graduates in the UK. Opportunities are vast, and the specific companies recruiting at any given time can vary. Hence, networking, continuous skills development, and staying informed about the job market are crucial steps in securing a role with these prestigious employers.

Job Opportunities After MBA in UK from Top Business Schools

In the UK, MBA graduates from top business schools are highly sought-after due to their broad knowledge base, management skills, and strategic perspective. Various industries actively recruit MBA graduates, offering diverse job roles and titles.

Financial Services

The financial services sector is a prominent recruiter of MBA graduates in the UK. Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms offer roles like financial analyst, investment banker, risk manager, and financial consultant.


Consulting firms are among the largest recruiters of MBA graduates. Roles include management consultant, strategic consultant, and business analyst, among others. Top firms such as McKinsey, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group actively seek out MBA graduates from UK institutions.


The technology industry offers numerous jobs for MBA graduates in the UK, including roles in project management, product management, business development, and data analysis. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are among the top recruiters.


The healthcare sector also provides significant opportunities for MBA graduates, particularly in areas like healthcare consulting, hospital administration, and pharmaceutical product management.

Popular Specializations and Job Opportunities in Them

MBA specializations can significantly impact the job opportunities available to graduates in the UK.

Finance: Opportunities abound in investment banking, financial consulting, and private equity firms.

Marketing: Roles in brand management, digital marketing, and market research are popular among marketing specialists.

Operations Management: Supply chain management, logistics, and operations optimization roles are in high demand.

Human Resources: Talent acquisition, HR consulting, and organizational development roles are popular for HR specialists.

Information Technology: IT consulting, data analysis, and project management roles are common in this specialization.

Expected Salaries for MBA Graduates in the UK

Salaries for MBA graduates in the UK vary widely, depending on the industry, the size and prestige of the company, the specific role, and the graduate’s prior work experience. On average, MBA graduates can expect to earn anywhere from £70,000 to £110,000 annually, with graduates of top business schools potentially earning even more.

Finance: Average salaries range from £80,000 to £120,000.

Consulting: The average consulting salary for MBA graduates is around £80,000 to £110,000.

Technology: Salaries in technology range from £70,000 to £100,000.

Healthcare: The average salary for MBA graduates in healthcare is around £65,000 to £90,000.


The UK job market presents a wealth of opportunities for MBA graduates, particularly for jobs after an MBA for international students and job opportunities after an MBA in UK for Indian students. By understanding the key sectors and roles that recruit MBA graduates and the expected salaries, graduates would be able to take decisions for their careers in the UK. The job search may be challenging, but with an MBA from a reputable UK institution, the possibilities are truly immense.

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