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Jobs Not Affected by AI – Math teachers, in 1966, protested against allowing students to use calculators in lower grades. They said the students had to be clear about the fundamental concepts before using calculators. This is similar to the fear of people using AI tools like chatGpt to write essays and content scripts. Because you need to understand the fundamentals of any concept to determine if the output the tool throws is right or wrong.

Whether you like it or not, AI isn’t in the future but is already here to stay. The good news is that AI is here to SERVE the existing job market and not to dominate it.

Jobs Not Affected by AI

Why Do I Say This?

Because the market it is employed in serves the humans, and without a human touch, it doesn’t serve the purpose.

What is AI’s Role in the Current Job Market?

AI’s role is to do all the repetitive and mundane tasks, while humans can focus on higher-level work like strategising, operating, planning, etc. AI is here to speed up the processes and reduce errors that might occur in repetitive jobs.

Here are 12 out of many job roles not affected by AI negatively. Here, AI can only be employed on a smaller scale but cannot dominate humans.


The law industry is one industry where human involvement cannot be downgraded because the analysis isn’t just about crunching numbers but finding gaps and solving dynamic problems involving humans and human emotions.

AI can help lawyers and law consultants document and retrieve static data. All other aspects of the job are the human domains and are not adversely affected by AI

Teachers and Mentors

Many new gadgets aid creative learning, like Smart classes and simulation games.  However, none of these would be helpful if the teachers did not give the students sessions on related topics, whether through live and recorded sessions online or in person.

Teachers do more than just teach a subject; they mould their students through wisdom and experiential guidance. AI can never mentor a student, irrespective of which aspect of life it is.


Managers manage human resources. They act as leaders to drive the team towards the common objective. It involves a lot of goal setting, leading the team, formulating strategies and resolving unconventional issues that may arise.

Anybody can just do the work, but what makes them work better is the motivation boosted by recognition and appreciation as it makes them trigger emotions and alter mindsets.

AI can help track performances, generate reports, and make processes easy for the team and the manager, but it cannot replace a manager.

Writers and Graphic Designers

This is a creative space. Humans don’t work so that AI does art, but AI works so humans can indulge in art.

The advent of tools like chatGpt and midJourney raised severe concerns among writers and business owners that require writers about the quality of work that writers do or writers and designers being replaced by AI. But the fact is there have been many tools like this for many years.

These tools can only be used as idea generators, but using them to create all your content will only downgrade the quality of content.

Public Relations Managers

Any role that involves connecting with other people cannot be replaced by AI. As a PR manager, you get the press to talk about the company you represent and create the buzz.

It is apt to say you represent a company, owned by people, to reach an audience composed of people, through different channels involving people. An AI tool might help you stick to your calendar,  set up a meeting, or run errands to make the processes more manageable for you.

Event Planners

These roles are similar to those of PR managers. While they plan on having the events, Event planners plan on organising the event.

This involves reaching out to different service providers and bringing them together to successfully organise an event as per the host’s requirements. This job revolves around building connections and optimising resources,

Again, AI can only aid the process in making it smooth but cannot overtake the event planners’ job entirely.

Software Developers

As long as your work solves someone’s problem, you are irreplaceable. Software developers do it through their coding skills. There are many mundane tasks that humans still do in different industries.

Software developers identify those gaps and develop software to make other industries easier to work in and improve efficiency.

It is complex to create new software applications. AI cannot easily replicate it. The software industry is expected to grow by 30% by 2024, and many students are choosing to study computer science.

Cyber Security Analysts

Concerns and issues grow as the population grows. The world is now highly populated with both, people and digital platforms for various purposes. With an increase in the number of online transactions and users of social media, there is also an increase in cyber crimes.

Investigating these crimes involves law and vigilance. AI cannot think and analyse like humans yet. Hence, cybersecurity is one industry that humans continue to dominate. This is yet another unpopular stream of studies that students worldwide choose.

Mental Health Professionals

There are many reasons why people may suffer from mental and psychological disorders. But it can be treated only by humans. This is a no-brainer that AI can not replace the mandatory human connection and provide empathetic advice during diagnosis.

The whole area is a subjective domain. It involves a lot of emotions, experiences and perspectives that AI can never relate to.

Customer Service Providers

Imagine you run an insurance company. Almost all your customers come to you in an aggrieved state of mind when they claim for money. There is a huge possibility of verbal clashes between the client and your customer-facing staff.

Given the situation, AI will not be able to handle it because it involves more than just logic. A customer service staff must talk empathetically and explain things concerning emotions to the customer. Otherwise, it will only aggravate the situation.

This is just an example; Most customer service executives face customers who come to them with a query/problem that needs to be handled sensitively, which AI will not be able to accomplish

Performers of Arts and Sports

Recreation and entertainment is an industry that always prevails as long as the community’s basic needs are met.

A dancing robot can be exciting for the first few times, but eventually, you will lose interest because it is enjoyable for anybody only when they relate to it.

You enjoy cricket as long as your favourite cricketer is on the field. Art forms and sports are exclusive to humans; no AI can replace them. If it does, then it loses its purpose.


Archaeology is fascinating as it dives into the buried stories of the past. Many tools and software are used in the process of excavation. However, the role of archaeologists is to analyse the civilisations’ cultural, social and economic conditions.

They study every object found in the excavation sites. They use various tools in the process, but they only aid it. They cannot replace archaeologists because they combine their findings on numerous subjective aspects in articulating their interpretation.

AI can’t eat our jobs as long as it serves a human market. From the above discussion, you might have understood that AI is inevitable in today’s world. AI assistance is required to run through this fast-paced lifestyle.

There is no need to fear. The absence of AI will only make life more challenging if not improve our quality of life. Most jobs are affected by AI but for good.

For your question- will AI replace me? The answer is no. But the one leveraging AI will be replacing you if you don’t leverage it.

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