List of Universities in UK without Application Fee

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UsList of Universities in the UK without Application Fee – As a study abroad destination, the UK attracts many more students from across the globe because of its blend of the educational sector with a traditional and modern setting, quality education, marvellous studying history etc, which enforces students to get admission to Universities.

List of Universities in UK without Application Fee

From research, we also found that the Universities in UK are quite famous internationally and are well-positioned in QS rankings. Most Universities in UK require an application fee of around 50 GBP to 150 GBP; however, what if we say we have a list of Universities in UK without any application fee? If you do not believe us, then in this article, we will share the overview of the list of Universities in UK without application fees.

List of Top 21 Universities in UK Without Application Fee

Here is the list of 21 Universities Without Application Fee:

Universities QS World University Ranking Programs  Offered
The University of Edinburgh 22
  • MBA
  • MSc
  • MS
University of Manchester Study Centre 32
  • Engineering
  • BA
  • MS
King’s College London 40
  • MIM
  • BA Arts & Design
University of Bristol 55
  • MSc
  • MBA
University of Leeds 75
  • MBA
  • MSc Economics
  • BA Arts & Design
University of Glasgow 76
  • BDS Dentistry
  • BSc Accounting & Statistics
  • MA Celtic Studies
Durham University 78
  • MA Philosophy
  • BSc Biochemistry
  • MSc Electronical Engineering
University of Birmingham 84
  • MSc in Geology
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • BSc Management
University of Sheffield 104
  • BSc Biology
  • BA Architecture
  • MSc Advanced Computer Science
Newcastle University 110
  • BSc Hons Computer Science
  • BA Ancient History
  • MSc Diet 
Lancaster University 122
  • MA in Design Management
  • MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • PhD in Architecture
University of Liverpool 190
  • MA in Architecture
  • BA Hons Archaeology
  • MA in English

Benefits of Applying for Universities in UK Without Application Fee

Usually Universities don’t charge application fee and follow the same procedures. A few benefits are as follows:

Cost Effective

You can save a lot of money by applying to UK universities without paying an application fee. The application fee for each university varies, ranging from £20 to £100. You can apply the money you would have spent on the application to other parts of your education, like a ticket or other incidentals.

More options

UK universities that don’t charge an application fee tend to draw in more students. This implies you won’t have to worry about paying application fees when researching and applying to different universities.

Increased competitiveness

The applicant pool for UK universities without an application fee is frequently more competitive. You can push yourself and compete with accomplished students by applying to these kinds of schools, which will improve your academic experience.

More accessible

You can make the application process more accessible by applying to UK universities without paying an application fee. It lowers financial barriers and guarantees that every student in the UK has an equal chance to follow their dreams, regardless of their financial situation.

How Can I Apply to Universities in the UK Without Application Fee in 2024?

The same application procedure as other prestigious UK universities is required for universities without an application fee. The following easy steps should be taken into consideration when submitting an application fee-free to UK universities:

University research

Look up UK universities that waive application fees. Explore the programs and admission requirements of universities by visiting their official websites. 

Verify the requirements for eligibility

Examine the requirements for UK universities without paying an application fee. Certain universities provide complete application fee waivers in response to various criteria, including nationality, financial need, academic achievement, and particular scholarships. Make sure you fulfil the requirements the university has set.

Shortlisting University

Make a list of the colleges that best suit your professional goals. Enumerate the various university levels. Make sure you have fallback plans in case the university of your choice is unavailable. 

Assemble all necessary papers

Assemble all the paperwork needed for the application procedure. Academic transcripts, results from English language proficiency exams (like the TOEFL or IELTS), recommendation letters, personal statements, and any additional supporting documentation requested by the university are all included. Do you want to do an MBA in UK? Check out the universities offering MBA in UK.

Fill out the online application

Go to the application section of the university website. If prompted, create an account, then fill out the application with precise and comprehensive information. Follow the provided instructions to upload the necessary documents. Know about all the exams required to Study in UK.


There are many universities in UK without application fee and if you choose the right university, you can save money at the beginning of your application form. Studying in UK can be a great experience because it can shape your education, along with the future, as per the current market demands.

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Q1. Which is the No. 1 cheapest university in UK?

The Birkbeck, University of London is the No. 1 cheapest University in UK. The tuition fee is INR 15,00,000 per year.

Q2. Can international students apply to these universities without paying an application fee?

For international students, several universities don’t charge an application fee. They may, however, have extra requirements, like financial disclosures and English language proficiency exams.

Q3. What documents are required to get admitted into UK universities without an application fee?

Send in all requested documentation, including SOPs, academic transcripts, writing samples, research papers, certificates of English proficiency, LORs, and more. Submit your application, if appropriate, and seek a waiver of the application fee. You could also apply for scholarships to study in the United Kingdom.

Q4. Are there universities in UK that accept the Duolingo English test?

You should be aware that using your Duolingo test results in conjunction with your application for a UK student visa is not permitted. Although many UK universities that accept Duolingo are willing to accept these scores in order to admit students, the exam needs to be recognised by the UK government.


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