10 Most High Paying Degrees in 2024

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10 Most High Paying Degrees in 2024 – In Today’s 21st century, choosing a promising career that can give you success, financial stability, and work that you can bear doing for the rest of your career is a challenging task. The students who come to us have a lot of creativity in hopping and testing course methodologies, practicality, and, interestingly, knowing what fruits it can give in the future.

Generally, students take up the course and major based on various reasons such as location, budget, interest, etc. Mostly, students are lured to lucrative careers and check the unknowing options that can go ahead with time. Now, we will be discussing the most high-paying degrees in the world and how your career can be overlooked from that perspective depending on how much you will be earning, your potential career growth, your scope in business and much more.

Most High Paying Degrees

So, let’s start this extensive article on the highest-paying degrees a student can have.

4 Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees in the World

Computer Science

As AI is dominating the future of jobs, without a doubt, computer science graduates can still be at the highest paying degrees. Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science will help students gain comprehensive and extensive knowledge along with practical skills in coding, programming languages, computer systems, and software. When you enroll in a good university, they also offer advanced courses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain technology, and Data Science.

If you are well versed with computer science subject, right after your graduation, you can start your career. As the business nowadays are completely relying on technical skilled person, then there would be no shortage of jobs in future as well.

  • Salary you can expect in early career: $74,000 per month
  • Job Growth: 13%

Software Engineering and Software Developer

New startups opening their ways to enter into the world of business, and to get the visibilty in the world, they need to potray their brand on digital platforms. Here is the demand of software engineers and developers who can help making application, websites, database management, securing the devices, etc.

According to a research by Pham in 2021, there has a shortage of qualified software engineers and to make this strealined, the business and organizations are planning to increases budget of software outsourcing.

  • Salary you can expect in early career: $88,150 per month
  • Job Growth: 22%

There has been an immense demand of software engineers roles across North America and Europe

This data is from 2020 from State of Software Engineers

Backend – 58%

Full Stack – 57 %

Frontend – 30%

Data – 9%

Electrical Engineering

Getting a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is well high paying degree amongst the list. As you must be aware of the STEM courses, it is one of them. In Electrical Engineering, students learn how to design the electrical equipment, and they also perform testing on them, which includes the radio, communications, and radar testing.

For students opting for Electrical Engineering have greater options for choosing their specialization such as computers, controls. Communicatons, microelectronics, electrophysics, power systems and much more which depends on the University as well.

  • Salary you can expect in early career: $76,426 per month
  • Job Growth: 7%

Petroleum Engineering

You know Dubai’s economy is dependent on its oil reserves and which is why its growth is expanding exponentially. This is totally acceptable that, oil reserves are non renewable energy and its in limits, however, you may know that its more than what we know, and it can go about thousand years. The oil reserves company will remain among the highest paying bachelor’s degree as long petroleum is there on earth.

10 Most High Paying Degrees in 2024

Petroleum Engineering

First on the list, by far the highest paying university degree is petroleum engineering. The average salary for a petroleum engineering graduate is $120,000. However, it is no secret that we are moving towards a greener and oil-free future, so it remains to be seen how long petroleum engineering will take the top spot.

Electrical Engineering

By far the most popular degree for students from South Asia, and especially India, electrical engineering comes second. The average salary for an electrical engineering graduate is $105,000. Considering the stability of the professions who recruit its graduates, one can expect electrical engineering to maintain its position in the top 3 for many years to come.

Applied Economics and Management

A perhaps surprising third place, the average salary for an applied economics and management graduate is $102,000, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Something to remember here is that the number of open roles for graduates of this degree is rather limited, especially in the economics half (which to some extent explains the inflated starting salary).

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering takes fourth place, with the average salary for an industrial engineering graduate at $101,500. If you graduate with an industrial engineering degree, you can be assured that there will be jobs available for you all over the world.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is something that is often overlooked, and studies have shown that actuarial science is one of the least understood degrees among graduating high school seniors. That being said, the average salary for an actuarial science graduate is $101,000, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. If you like applied mathematics, actuarial science is definitely the degree for you.

Computer Science

In sixth place, and rising every year, is a computer science degree. The average salary for a computer science graduate is $97,000, but with tech-related positions booming in every corner of the world, computer science is probably the safest bet you can take when it comes to picking a degree, both in terms of demand and wage growth.

Information Sciences and Systems

The cousin of the computer science degree, we have Information Sciences in seventh place. The average salary for an information sciences and systems graduate is $96,000, and just like computer science, it is definitely a safe bet for your future.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering comes in eighth, with the average salary for a civil engineering graduate at $94,000.

Mechanical Engineering

In ninth place is mechanical engineering, and an average graduate salary of $93,500.


And to round off the list is the ever-reliable finance degree. The average salary for a finance graduate is $93,000, and it is even higher if you can crack the cut throat world of investment banking and consulting.

These are the 10 most high paying degrees in 2024 after graduation, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. So if you’re looking to make the big bucks and maximize your earning potential, these are the areas of study you should be considering!

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