100 Reasons to Study Abroad in 2024

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Reasons to Study Abroad in 2024 – In this 21st century, you can find yourself in a space where your friends, relatives and acquaintance are flying off to study abroad. However, you are still thinking about it! What if we say we have 100 Reasons to Study Abroad for International Students? You should convince your parents or want to know the opportunities and advantages of getting a degree from abroad. And for those who are already international students, comment below to let us know if we need to include any points.

Reasons to Study Abroad

100 Reasons to Study Abroad for International Students

  1. Good for your CV – Having a degree from abroad will be good for your CV as employers consider applicants from foreign universities because of the diverse culture they have groomed in.
  1. Meeting Diverse People – Admission to a foreign university will let you meet so many people from your class, other departments, neighbours, and people at work from the same or your home country etc. You can understand and respect the diversity in people.
  1. Make lifelong across-sea friends – You can make lifelong bonds with friends who might be living or visiting different places.
  1. Knowledge and Awareness of Different Cultures – Get knowledge and awareness of different cultures across the world. Learn to experience and appreciate their beauty.
  1. Living life independently – Abroad, you live your life independently as you are responsible for making your decisions and even facing the consequences later.
  1. Facing Challenges and Learning From them – You are going out to a different country and will face challenges while settling down, and slowly, you can learn lessons from your mistakes and challenges, which can help you grow as a person.
  1. Managing your expenses – During school times, you might be getting your pocket money. However, in studying abroad, you must look after your expenses for food, accommodation, and studies, and save money for yourself.
  1. Becoming Spontaneous and Adventurous – You can group with your friends without any plans and hit for a trek or just spend quality time with each other spontaneously.
  1. Taking advantage of lower tuition fees – Being an international student, some universities offer lower tuition fees.
  1. Increase your Job perspectives – Completing your education at foreign universities can give your better job perspectives because, for campus placement, multi-national companies would come to pick students depending on their interview performance.
  1. Becoming Discipline – Living alone would let you become disciplined because you will be doing things according to your schedule and managing your university, studies, and work (if you are doing so).
  1. Learn Different Life Skills – Living alone will let you experience different life skills like cleaning, cooking, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Discover new style – You may want to completely change your dressing style and become a different and better version of yourself.
  1. Viewing Culture from your point of View – You can view different cultures from different points of view and understand certain practices from your friends and others.
  1. Self Introspection – The major change would be self-introspecting by knowing the unknown things about yourself. You might be good at certain things but must be made aware of them.
  1. Showing Gratitude for Small Things in Life – You learn to enjoy and show gratitude for small things in life.
  1. Realizing the Value of Family – Being far from your family would make you realize their importance. Family provides nurture, care and love. Therefore, you will enjoy every moment with them.
  1. Learn a different sport – You may get to learn a complete different sport that is never played in your country.
  1. Learning a Different Language – Living in a different country will give you an advantage in learning and communicating with people in their local language. Once you start doing practice, it will be much easier.
  1. Enjoy your ‘ME’ time – Most times, you will be alone in the apartment, and you must learn to enjoy your ‘ME’ time by pampering yourself by taking care of your skin, making food you love, and binge-watching on Netflix.
  1. Gain Confidence by Interacting People – You will interact with different people or age groups, and dealing with them will help you gain confidence.
  1. Learn to Feel Home Living Far From Home – Your small apartment will be your home; you must make it home with your aesthetic decoration, lights, and a worship altar for daily practices.
  1. Creating a New Family – Having new friends, neighbours, and people around you allows you to create a new family. You can spread happiness and spend time with old generations and have party fun with new generations.
  1. Celebrate New Festivals – Sometimes, going home during your festivals is impossible. So, you can find people from your community and celebrate festivals with them. Also, learn to celebrate new festivals.
  1. A Confidence Boost and Maturity – Through a survey conducted by the Institute of International Education of Students (IES), 95% of International students explained that studying and staying abroad helped them become confident and mature.
  1. Grow your Skill Set – Improve your skill set by learning new things and implementing them in your day to day life.
  1. Employer Valuing Study Abroad – When you meet any employer, you can create a first impression in your first talk by talking about your study abroad degree.
  1. Study Abroad Trend 2024 – Studying Abroad has become a trend in 2024. As per research, in 2021, the number of students studying abroad reached 5 million per year.
  1. You can get settled Abroad – If you have spent 3 years studying abroad, you can definitely plan to settle abroad.
  1. Engaging with trendy pop culture – You can understand the perspective of students of your age in different parts of the world regarding trendy pop culture. Pop culture is the topic of modernism which has been evolving.
  1. Get a Chance to Spread Your Culture – Going abroad allows you to spread your culture gracefully and confidently with your near and dear ones.
  1. Earn While You Study with Part-time jobs – It is quite convenient to get part time jobs study abroad because they have students working, and universities also provide time every week for work.
  1. Experience World Class Education at an Affordable Cost and Exclusive Guaranteed Scholarships – You can get world class education at an affordable cost and exclusive guaranteed scholarships at your study abroad destinations such as UK, US, Dubai, etc. You can receive exclusive guaranteed scholarships from Securemyscholarship, the only educational company to make education affordable and accessible for every student.
  1. Expand your Global Networking – You can expand your networking by meeting people across the globe, which can help you grow your reach.
  1. Increase in Adaptability to different situations – You can easily adapt to different situations.
  1. Develop an open mindset after meeting different people – You get to know different opinions and perspectives when you meet different people. Therefore, you adapt to have an open mindset. For instance, you might meet a friend from the LGBTQ+ community, and you understand how they feel.
  1. Would not take things for granted – You learn to complement and appreciate simple things in life and would not take things for granted.
  1. Take gifts from Abroad at an affordable cost for family and friends – Your friends might ask you to get something for themselves, such as iPhone, which is cheaper in the US, and Dubai compared to Asian countries.
  1. If working abroad, get paid with handsome salary – Working abroad can give you opportunities to work in top-class companies and get you paid handsomely.
  1. Get used to Shifting – Shifting is one of the essential things to do when studying abroad because it might happen frequently with you. You must know how to pack and transport your luggage.
  1. Great Opportunity for STEM subjects – It is well aware that the US, UK, Japan, Canada, etc. countries are far ahead regarding STEM education dealing with advanced technology.
  1. Experience the Ivy League – You can get admission to Ivy Leagues Universities and let you to experience high quality education and you can get an excellent job.
  1. Take your competition to another level with the University exposure – When you meet different people, you also meet different minds and can get the exposure to compete with high level brains.
  1. Participate in multicultural world wide events – Several activities and events are performed, which you can enjoy as per your interest. Also, you can participate in these events.
  1. Discover new hobbies and interests – Sometimes we need to be aware of what we can like, and studying abroad can help us discover new hobbies and interests.
  1. Find a new place to settle – You can find your own place to settle and shift if needed.
  1. Know what you like and don’t like in life – Experiencing new things and getting to know what you like and what you do not.
  1. Understand what are the costs of living, allowing you to prepare better for the future – No matter how much you get information regarding the cost of living, you can know exactly what to prepare.
  1. Find better healthcare abroad – Learn about the healthcare system of different countries
  1. Find the love of your life – Finding love? Why not. By meeting new people, you can find your soulmate.
  1. Find new and cheaper ways to live and travel – When you study abroad, you can learn survival hacks on new and cheaper ways to live and travel.
  1. Find new passions – Explore the new passions in your spirits.
  1. Find new ways to build a business – Side by side, you can find ways to open and build a new business
  1. Find a niche that you can bank off of – You can find a niche or skill that you can learn excellently such as playing musical instruments, dancing, or anything that interests you.
  1. Find a community you never knew existed – You can be part of a completely new community.
  1. Find freedom – Find freedom that can make you live your life on your own terms.
  1. Understand World Politics and Economic Relations – It can help you gain a great understanding of World Politics and economic relations.
  1. Share your story and experiences – Opportunity to do Personal Branding by sharing your story and experiences.
  1. You can become more creative and discover a new self – Get involved in multiple things and become creative and discover a new self.
  1. Become Patient – Becoming more patient as the process of getting to study abroad requires so, throughout your visa application process, finding your accommodation and dealing with new scenarios.
  1. Access to Libraries and Resources – You can read the original copy of any books from departmental libraries
  1. Study from Experienced Faculties – Going to study abroad brings you an opportunity to get classes from experienced faculties.
  1. Broaden your Reading – Studying abroad makes you read so many authors; you read about their perspectives on the country and learn its history.
  1. Learn About Sustainability – Some countries are leading in living life sustainably, so you can also learn to become save energy.
  1. Inculcate Leadership Skills – Being in the world’s top-class university, you learn to become a leader by managing things.
  1. Time Management – You become a time manager and provide yourself with a time limit.
  1. Post Graduate Opportunities – If you have graduated from abroad, it becomes easy to get admission to postgraduate programs.
  1. Experience Different Climate – Usually, you experience a cold climate while living in US, UK because these countries are colder than those near the equator.
  1. Learn New Technologies – You see technologies growing and finding new technologies around you.
  1. Get help in PhD and Other research – You can get references from professors in your area of interest, allowing you to pursue a PhD.
  1. Know different Student Organizations – You can learn about global student organizations and be a member of them.
  1. Exposure to different political systems – You can learn about political systems such as democracy, autocracy, monarchy, etc.
  1. Learn about International Laws – You must be aware of your nation’s laws. However, you can learn international laws such as human rights, etc.
  1. Appreciating Different Art Forms – The art forms in every country are different, and you can buy some paintings and artefacts for your home.
  1. It gives you a ton of stories – Living and experiencing life in a different country gives you exposure and puts you in situations where you can tell tons of stories to your friends and family.
  1. Attend International Conferences – You can attend international conferences in your area of interest.
  1. Try New Cuisines – Try the authentic flavour of the best
  1. Respect for your own country – Being in another country makes you realize the importance of your country
  1. Learning International Business Ettiqueteus – Get to learn international business etiquette while spending time with new people.
  1. Get to see famous world sights – You can see the world famous sights and wonders of the world too.
  1. Visit new places in the countries – You can travel from one country to another.
  1. Listen to different music – You can listen to various music and go to live concerts by different singers.
  1. Exposure to Western Philosophy – Knowing about Western Philosophy will give different perspectives on many prospects.
  1. Chances to teach others your language – You can instruct your language to others.
  1. Do a Dual Degree – You can enrol in dual degree at your university and complete them simultaneously.
  1. Enhancing Digital Literacy – Know what digital tools work there and become an expert.
  1. Exposure to different wildlife and nature – See the wildlife and nature specific to that area.
  1. Know Urban Planning and Architecture – Look at the urban planning and architecture of the city you are living in.
  1. Increased Tolerance – Knowing different people and respecting their opinion will make you tolerant.
  1. Attend Professional Workshops – Attend professional workshops from high delegates people.
  1. Improve your Analytical Skills, Conflict Resolutions Skills – You can improve how to deal with people and how to live along with them.
  1. Exposure to Different Education Policies – Get to know different education policies world,wide like their entrance exams and passing criteria.
  1. Experience Different Transporation System – You can explore the different transportation systems like trains, metros and their connectivity across countries as well.
  1. Become Resilient – Gain resilience and face challenges.
  1. Get to know your Money Exchange Rates – You can learn how money is equivalent to other countries and your nation. You also get to know the value of money and the power purchasing parity of different nations.
  1. Learn to Negotiate – You learned how to deal and negotiate with people during challenging times.
  1. Recognize and Challenge Stereotypes – You can recognize what is right and wrong, and have a broader mindset and challenge the stereotypes.
  1. Push Your Limits – Go beyond your expectations.
  1. Learn to improve your decor – Make your own space and improve your home decoring skills.
  1. Get an overall Global Experience – Nevertheless, you get an overall global experience living and studying in abroad.

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