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Well Paying Careers in Canada – For a moment, imagine a world with no professionals – no doctors with specializations, no teachers with strong educational backgrounds, no civil and criminal lawyers or software and mechanical engineers. Would we ever feel harmony and comfort the way we do now?

Choosing a career should be different from a lucky draw. It should be planned and done according to your degree and interests. After all, it will be something you will be doing for a long time, and it has to pay your bills. 

Well Paying Careers in Canada

Canada is well known for its quality of living, strong and stable economy, favourable immigrant policies, and diverse job opportunities. Hence, Well-paying careers are abundant in Canada. 

Sectors like technology, healthcare, renewable energy, AI, etc., have recently shown a significant increase in popularity. If there are few well-paying careers in Canada, check the statistics we found.

Canada’s employment rose by 37.3 K in January 2023, following an upward trend from 12.3K in December. Industries like health care and IT are showing significant growth.

So, if you are exploring Well-paying careers in Canada, then you have landed on the right spot. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 well-paying careers in Canada and give you a rough blueprint on how to pursue them. 

Top 5 well-paying careers in Canada

Now it’s time for the big part. Let’s explore the realms of careers in Canada and provide you with a list of the top 5 Well-paying careers in Canada. No matter what interests you, Canada has a wide range of job opportunities in every field. 

Most of the well-paying jobs in Canada will be related to the medical field as the Canadian government heavily relies on the healthcare sector. Statistics show that in 2023, there were 153,00 vacant positions in healthcare and social assistance. 

Below are the top 5 Well-paying careers in Canada, along with the skills and qualifications required.

  • Surgeon

 Average annual salary: $3,25,020 

The first and highest-paying career in Canada is that of a surgeon. With an annual salary hike of at least 8% and 89% of surgeons reporting at least one bonus in the last 12 months, a surgeon is a well-paid job in Canada.

A surgeon is a person who performs surgeries on patients. Being at the top of all well-paying careers in Canada, a surgeon has to shoulder many responsibilities. Quick thinking, knowledge of their specialisation, team handling, etc, are some of the skills of a surgeon.  


Becoming a surgeon requires work and a lot of study. You need to have a UG and PG in medical. After that, you must complete five years of residency training in general surgery, after which you will become a professional surgeon. 

Skills required

  • Medical knowledge 
  • Surgical techniques 
  • Communication skills 
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Emotional stability 
  • Manual dexterity 
  • Empathy and compassion. 
  • Dentist

Average annual salary: $1,75,149 

Dentistry is number two on our list of well-paying careers in Canada. A dentist is a doctor of teeth who treats, prevents, and controls tooth disorders. He offers services like cleaning teeth, filling cavities and performing root canals. 


To become a dentist, one must complete a bachelor’s degree and a 4-year master’s degree in dentistry (DDS). 

Also, after completing their master’s, aspiring dentists must pass a dental exam conducted by the National Examining Board of Canada (NDEB). After passing the exam, you will be given a licence. 

Skills required

  • Manual Dexterity
  • Diagnostic Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Empathy and Bedside Manner
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Business and Management Skills
  • Physician 

Average annual salary: $2,64,739 

By 2028, Canada will be accounting for a deficit of 72% of physicians; this shows that being a physician is a good and in-demand career in Canada. 

A physician is Well-paid in Canada. A physician diagnoses and treats illness.  Physicians play a crucial role in healthcare, providing medical care to patients and often working in hospitals, clinics, or private practices.


To be a physician, one must have a university medical degree. After this, one must go through a residency program that will give you experience in your field. Also, in Canada, a physician must be licensed. 

Skills required

  • Medical Knowledge
  • Clinical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Lawyer

Average annual salary: $1,00,130 

Another high-paying job in Canada is a lawyer. According to the US Bureau of Labor statics’ Occupational Outlook handbook- between 2022 and 2032, the law as a career will experience a growth of at least 8%; this makes a lawyer a well-paying job in Canada not only at present but in the future as well. 

A lawyer is a legal practitioner who gives legal advice to his clients and appears before the court to defend his client or demand justice for his client. 


To become a lawyer, one must graduate from a law university and go through 3 years of UG program. One must write the law school admission test (LSAT) to get into a law school. 

Skills required

  • Legal Research
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Psychiatrist

Average annual salary: $3,14,661 

The last high-paying job in our list of top 5 high-paying jobs in Canada is a psychiatrist. The Forbes health report shows that 21% of U.S. adults experience a mental health condition and need some sort of therapy. 

A psychiatrist specialises in dealing with the problems related to a person’s psyche. He conducts sit-and-talk sessions and prescribes programs to his clients so that they can recover from their mental disorders. 


To become a psychiatrist, you need an M.D. degree from a medical school. You then need to complete five years of residency programs in psychiatry and get your license from your respective province. 

Skills required

  • Empathy
  • Active Listening
  • Diagnostic Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Patience
  • Emotional Intelligence

These were the top high-paying jobs in Canada. 

Which degree has the highest salary in Canada?

The Canadian government heavily relies on the medical industry, making it the highest-paying sector in Canada. Jobs like surgeon, dentist, physiatrist, and physician are some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. Therefore, a medical degree has the highest salary in Canada. 

Out of all medical fields, a surgeon is paid the most. An average annual salary of $3,25,020, which, according to the stats, will experience an 8% increase annually, is a good career option for students. 

The salary of a surgeon also depends upon his experience.

Years of experience   Average Salary 
0-2 years  218,500 CAD 
2-5 years  308,400 CAD 
5-10 years  405,600 CAD 
10-15 years  499,300 CAD 
15-20 years  528,100 CAD 
20+ years  579,700 CAD 

Final words

These were some of the high-paying jobs in Canada. Remember that there is not a scarcity of jobs but of skilled people. You can get well-paying jobs in Canada with the right skill set and up-to-date knowledge. 

Hence, you must keep improving and developing skills according to your industry’s needs and will do wonders.

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