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American University in Dubai Scholarship – The United States of America is the first country that has been widely regarded as a superpower and rightly so. The nation has a rich history of culture and is popularly known as the land of opportunity since its economy has developed at an unprecedented rate. America is home to millions of expatriates that are leading successful lives, others wish to be a part of ‘The Great American Dream’ and start as students. However, the cost of education at these highly accredited universities is much higher than what an individual would expect.

American University in Dubai Scholarship

The vast majority of American universities fall into two general types, private and public. In contrast to more expensive private colleges, state and public universities have a far lower cost of education. There are two main factors to consider when budgeting for tuition expenses: the sort of university/school you’re enrolling in and the level of qualification (Undergraduate, Post-graduate, and Doctoral). A student would require $8,000 to $55,000 per year for tuition alone, add the cost of living and travel and visa costs into the equation, and the financial obligations equate to $80,000 to $100,000. For a more accurate estimate, students can use a calculator.

American University in Dubai at an Affordable Price

The said financial obligations can lead to students compromising on their ambitions, however, at RIT Dubai, students can pursue an American degree at an affordable cost. RIT was founded in 1829 by several influential and enterprising thinkers. For excellent individuals, RIT has developed diverse academic options, including a unique research program and distinctive teaching. In addition to the main campus in Rochester, New York, RIT has set up campuses in Beijing, Dubai, and Kosovo.

With a stellar academic infrastructure, highly accredited courses, and over 600 students enrolled at the institution, RIT Dubai has secured its place among the best universities in the UAE. The programs offered are as valuable as the ones at the main campus and are also accredited by several international organizations and the ministry of education. The only difference between the two campuses in the tuition fee. The cost of pursuing a degree at RIT main campus ranges from $65,000-$70,000 per year and the cost for the same courses could range from $16,000- $35,000 per year.

Another advantage that the students at RIT Dubai have is the option of convenient transfer to other campuses. The university also offers a special 100% scholarship to Emirati students. The goal of the SecureMyScholarship Portal is to make it simple for students to win outstanding scholarships at the world’s best universities.

Students from different areas of study have several scholarships and fellowship opportunities available for RIT Dubai as well. Don’t forget to claim this chance to save on your tuition. Apply now with SecureMyScholarship!

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