F-1 US Visa Slot Booking Steps: How to Book US Embassy Visa Appointment?

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F-1 US Visa Slot Booking – Students worldwide are keen to study at US universities since the US is still a well-liked location for higher education. However, students must first get a student visa in order to enrol in an American university. In this blog article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on obtaining an F-1 student visa for the United States because the student visa application procedure may be rather complicated.

Visa Appointment, doesn’t that seem terrifying? It is a little frightening since this is when you are determining whether you are qualified to relocate to a new nation. The fact that the government will assess your candidacy is the scariest part. Get your laptop and schedule your F1 visa appointment on the official website as soon as you decide to move to the US for further education. You may find it difficult to schedule an appointment for your visa, etc.

The US is a hub for imparting high-class education, and your decision will reap a sweet fruit. In 2021 and 2022, the US experienced an increase of international students by 12%, making it a total of 100,00,000 plus international students. 

But, to study in the US as an international student, you will need an F-1 Visa. 

One thing we all can agree on is that booking an F-1 visa is not an easy task. It is an intricate path that involves many US visa slot booking steps like checking US visa slot booking availability, US visa interview slot booking, and whatnot.

But don’t worry because we are here to assist you in navigating this path by giving you F-1 US visa slot booking steps. 

Not only this, we will be covering many essential details about the F-1 US visa 

US Visa Slot Booking

What is an F-1 Student Visa?

Before jumping into the US visa slot booking steps, let’s first understand what an F-1 US visa is and some more information related to it.

The F-1 US visa is a non-immigrant visa category issued by the United States government to international students who wish to pursue their studies in the US. Students selected by a US-based educational institution can apply for an F-1 US visa. 

The validity period of the F-1 US visa is 5 years. However, the residency status remains for the time mentioned in the I-20 form. Plus, if there is an unfavourable circumstance, like illness or a change of major, the student can request their educational institution to extend their status.  

Non-immigrants who want to study in the US can apply for an F-1 visa, a specific form of student visa. Applicants can apply for an F-1 student visa to study in the US if they have applied to any US university and received an acceptance letter. Depending on the course length, the F-1 visa enables applicants to stay and continue their studies in the US.

Features of F-1 Visa

Here are some of the features of an F-1 US visa. 

  • DSO– if you are an F-1 visa holder, you must maintain contact with a designated school official (DSO) of your educational institution. This helps maintain the legal status of your visa and provides international students with guidance and support throughout their academic journey.  
  • Unlocks employment opportunities– the F-1 visa holders can opt for on-campus work during their studies, and some are even eligible for off-campus work in their OPT (optional practical training). This not only helps in getting good practical knowledge but also helps in earning some extra pocket money. 
  • Academic study and status: the F-1 us visa is for international students who are indulged in degree programs, language training, and other educational pursuits. This is essential for F-1 visa holders to maintain a full course of study and adhere to the rules and regulations set up by the US Citizenship and immigration services (USCIS). All these things are crucial to maintaining the legal status of the visa. 

These were some features of the F-1 US visa. Now let’s move on to the steps for booking the US visa slot. 

F-1 US Visa Slot Booking Steps

Are you aware that since August 2012, F-1 visa slot booking has replaced US embassy visa appointments as the standard procedure for obtaining a visa? According to the revised process, students must first schedule an appointment for the biometrics (picture + fingerprints) at the visa application centre, then book f1 visa appointment. You have to check the visa slots for us on the website and pay the visa slot booking fee and schedule an appointment for us visa.

If you’re seeking for information on “How to apply for a US study visa,” you’ve come to the right place! Continue reading to learn how to apply for a US student visa as well as other information like US student visa costs, F-1 visa reservations, etc.!

How Do I Get a Student Visa for the USA (F-1)?

Now for the most frequently asked query: “How do you get a student visa for the USA?” The stages to begin your application for a student visa to the United States are as follows:

  1. Complete the I-20 application
  2. Paying the SEVIS fee
  3. Complete the online DS-160 application form
  4. Registration fee for your visa
  5. Schedule a visa appointment at the US Embassy
  6. Show up for the visa interview

Now let’s talk about each of these steps separately:

First, you need to check the US visa slot booking availability. To check the US visa slot booking availability, including the F-1 Visa, you need to head to your country’s official website of the US visa information and appointment services.  

Now that you know what documents you need, let’s move on to the US visa slot booking steps. 

Step 1: Complete the I-20 Application

The I-20 form is the most important document to apply for F-1 visa slot booking. If you submit an F-1 visa application, your university will send you an I-20 form. On the other hand, the J-1 visa applicants get a DS-2019 form. You will also get your SEVIS ID along with the I-20 form.

Step 2: Paying the SEVIS fee

You must pay the 350 USD SEVIS fee for the F-1 visa after submitting the I-20 form via the US visa embassy in your native country. Consequently, the fee is the 350 USD SEVIS charge for a USA student visa.

Step 3: Complete the online DS-160 application form

A person applying for a nonimmigrant visa for short-term travel to the US must complete the DS-160, Online Non-immigrant Visa Electronics Application, a fully integrated online application form. The DS-160 barcode confirmation sheet, which is included at the end of the application, can be printed after completion on a laser printer and emailed to you as a backup.

Step 4: Registration fee for your visa

The application fee for an F1 student visa from the US embassy is USD 160 plus a VFS service fee and bank fees, or roughly 11,200 Indian rupees. Pay your visa slot booking fee and book your place.

A duplicate visa fee receipt with a 10-digit barcode number will be provided to you by the bank. This barcode number is necessary to reserve a time for your visa interview. The barcode only activates for two days.

Additionally, remember that this money is non-refundable and that you have a year (365 days) from the date you obtained your fee receipt to appear for a US visa interview.

It will no longer be valid if you do not show up for an interview within a year of receiving your fee receipt.

Step 5:  Schedule a visa appointment at the US Embassy

You can schedule an appointment at the US embassy using your barcode and fee receipt. After scheduling your US student visa interview, you must reserve an F-1 visa slot for the VAC (biometrics: fingerprint + photo) at least one day before to the interview. Book f1 visa appointment and be on time.

Step 6: Show up for the visa interview

You must show up for the F-1 US student visa interview after scheduling your appointment and submitting your biometrics. You will be interviewed personally for a US student visa and questioned about your desire to study there as well as your academic history, financial capacity, and other factors.

Documents Needed to Process an F-1 Student Visa

Let’s talk about the paperwork needed for each stage of the F-1 visa application.

The following documentation must be submitted when scheduling a VAC appointment:

  • Get your passport number
  • Your Payment Date
  • The barcode with ten (10) digits on your DS-160 confirmation page

You must obtain the following documentation by VAC day:

  • A passport that is valid for travel to the US and has at least six months left on its expiration date (barring any exceptions granted by country-specific accords)
  • Your DS-160 acknowledgement page
  • Your confirmation page for the appointment

The following are the papers needed for the visa interview:

  • A duplicate of your appointment letter on paper
  • Your confirmation document from the DS-160 and one picture that was shot within the last six months
  • Your current passport, each previous passport, and the original receipt for the visa fee
  • Please submit a new Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form if your application for a visa has previously been denied.

US visa slot booking India fees

The US visa slot booking India fees are around 11,200 INR, which can go up to INR 13,146. You can check the cost at the US embassy’s website. 

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