Why USA is Best for Education

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Why USA is Best for Education – The USA is certainly a dream for many and a land bustling with opportunities. In terms of higher education, the US boasts the world’s highest number of universities, with over 5,500 institutions based in the country.

An extensive choice of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from classic to conventional spanning nearly every discipline have made the US – the world’s most popular country for international students; hosting over one million international students every year.

The country is home to some of the best study abroad programs, most prestigious colleges, and generous scholarship schemes.

Why USA is Best for Education

Reasons Why USA is Best for Education

The main reason universities in the US top the list is due to the fact that the American higher-education system is widely viewed as the world’s gold-standard with famous top ranking universities such as – Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford dominating top global rankings.

The fee structure at these universities is generally higher than the rest, but the benefits outweigh the costs – best research and learning facilities along with highly qualified professionals in the teaching faculty.

Another popular reason to study in the US is the availability of part-time employment to support your student lifestyle as long as you have an F-1 student visa. The visa rules are pretty flexible and in certain colleges and universities the visa is extended for up to 24 months post completion of the degree, especially in the STEM field.

Currently, most universities offer the option to study from the comfort of your home due to the pandemic – providing the perfect opportunity to apply and begin your studies before you set foot in the US.

As a student in the US you get to face life in a bigger way, inculcate yourself with innovative ideas and develop compounded growth as you complete your course of study in the country. The country has witnessed world-class leaders and delivered upbeat services in fields like education, medicine, technology, politics and social welfare.

Though it might seem like life in the US is extremely fast paced and life is a hustle, quite the opposite is true as most of the universities are located in small towns and cities, with picturesque locations, and those places are remarkably beautiful and accessible from the commercial hotspots.

Life in a small town can be incredibly satisfying and interesting and provide time for self-introspection providing you the opportunity to truly enjoy local culture and scenic environments. Although education in the US seems expensive, SecureMyScholarship is here to help.

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