Cultural Diversity in Education in the USA

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Cultural Diversity in Education USA – Over the decades, education has emerged as a literal and figurative common ground for students from diverse backgrounds – a means of integration for cultures, religions, races, nationalities, genders, and sexual orientations – and the point of genesis for a diverse, inclusive world. The education sector shoulders the responsibility to not only help students attain prestigious echelons but also mould them into sensitive, well-adjusted citizens in this ever-evolving era. And it all begins with a culturally diverse campus.

With over 44.9 million immigrants as of 2019, the United States prides itself as a potpourri of cultures and nationalities. While individuals from diverse communities and cultures have climbed the professional ladder and established themselves in this milieu, an integral pillar upholding the country’s cultural diversity is its inclusive education strategies. So, this World Day for Cultural Diversity (celebrated on May 21), let’s glance through some US universities that have set a precedent for cultural diversity:

Cultural Diversity in Education USA

Cultural Diversity in Education in the USA

California State University

This sought-after public university with 23 campuses under its wing is also one of the prime examples of cultural diversity. The university witnesses overwhelming applications from students across the world, not only because of its state-of-the-art educational infrastructure and campuses but also owing to its emphasis on global inclusion. Today, CSU accounts for 62% of all the bachelor’s degrees earned by Hispanic students in California. Moreover, 21 of its 23 campuses meet the criterion necessary for universities to classify as Hispanic-serving institutions — 25% of the students enrolling in full-time undergraduate programs must be Hispanic. Furthermore, the university offers several scholarships for international students, including CSU IP Scholarship, Lyman G. Chaffee Scholarship, and CSU IP Language and Culture Scholarship.

Roosevelt University

Roosevelt College’s culture and mission is rooted in its history, wherein its former president, Edward Sparling, and his supporters separated from YMCA, establishing an institution characterized by equal opportunities. Hence, diversity and inclusion are embedded in the university’s vision, mission and values. With campuses in Chicago and Schaumburg, this private university hosts students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and leaps a step ahead through its initiatives towards inclusion. Its exclusive clubs and organizations serve as avenues for students from different ethnicities to interact and feel a sense of belongingness. For example, its Student Involvement Fair, held at the beginning of each fall and spring, involves members from different student organizations who help answer student queries and provide all the required support. Moreover, its Student Government Association (SGA) initiates uninhibited communication among students, faculty members, and other entities, contributing to a free, open educational environment.

Florida Atlantic University

This public research university is committed to providing high-quality education and world-class facilities to students from across the globe. With diversity and inclusion as its core values, the university is regarded as one of the most culturally diverse educational institutions in the US today. The faculty here believes that diversity is not just limited to culture, race and nationality but also involves one’s self-identity, beliefs, and ideologies. Consequently, the university exerts considerable efforts in ensuring an open, inclusive environment for its students. Over half of the students at FAU are international students and those from minority groups.

Alliant International University

Alliant International University in California entails three institutions under its hood — San Francisco Law School, United States International University, and the California School of Professional Psychology. It focuses extensively on helping students implement their knowledge in real settings and achieve their intended outcomes. The university is rooted in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, with its vision stating: “An inclusive world empowered by Alliant alumni.” Its International Multicultural Education, Research, Intervention and Training Initiative (I-MERIT) organizes various events revolving around addressing explicit and implicit cultural biases and facilitating open conversation on the significance of cultural inclusion in society.

Cultural diversity is integral as a means of providing high-quality, holistic education to every individual and ensuring a united world. The more inclusive our education system, the more progressive are our approaches. This cultural diversity day, we at SecureMyScholarship are here to help you secure your admission into an inclusive and liberal educational institution.

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