13 Safe Universities in USA To Consider For Admission in 2024

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Safe Universities in USA in 2024—Among many other factors one may consider when looking at university options, safety comes at the very top. Safety is the guarantee that will determine whether or not you will attend a certain university. It’s not just about the high university ranking or the best level of education in the area but also about the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in a safe environment, especially if you’re living alone.

Safe Universities in USA

Especially over the years, the cases of international students getting shot and dead due to various factors in USA have increased. As a parent and a student, enrolling in a university that is safe for all purposes is essential. Furthermore, if student is enrolling and admitting in the safe universities in USA, it can protect them from the outside world, and also ensure safety in all purposes.

There is no place in the world that is completely crime-free or completely safe. Even though cities like Dubai have been highlighted on the map as one of the world’s safest cities. Similarly, we have states in the US that are well-known to be safe choices for living and studying for international students like yourself. In fact, many universities have police and safety departments to help mitigate any chances of students feeling uneasy or having doubts about situations.

1. Concordia University

According to student and parent testimonials, Concordia University sits comfortably in the top 500 universities in the world and is one of the safest universities. Furthermore, it is situated in Chicago, which is known to have many neighbourhoods filled with rich history, culture, and entertainment. This university offers you a total of 81 courses alongside their quality education and highly skilled faculty who are invested in enhancing your experience throughout your 3 – 4 years studying there. Therefore, it is considered as safe universities in USA.

2. Washington State University

Among the safe universities in USA on the list, another one is Washington State University has been ranked as one of the 179 Best Colleges in National Universities for 2022. This university is located in Pullman, Washington and has a high safety index of safety. Along with Hawaii, this state ranks at the bottom for violent crime rate, making it a good place to call “home away from home” for international students like yourself. The top fields of study here are business, management, marketing, related support services, and other fields like social sciences, journalism, health professions, and agricultural/veterinary sciences.

3. Harvard University

Harvard University is renowned for its rigorous academic standards and commitment to student safety. It offers a safe environment for its students with a robust campus police force, computer-card key systems for all residential buildings, walking and shuttle services, well-lit walkways, emergency phones, and more.

This university’s emphasis on student welfare is evident in everything from its recognisable buildings and amenities to its vibrant student body. You may be confident that you won’t be in any danger anywhere on the school’s grounds at any time of day. That’s why HU is considered as the safe universities in USA.

4. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is one of the largest public educational institutes in Michigan. It stands on the pillars of research and innovation throughout its years of operation. Regarding crimes, around 88% of cities in Michigan report fewer crime-related incidents, and the area surrounding Central Michigan University is particularly well-known for offering youngsters and families plenty of professional opportunities. Enrol in the following fields: Psychology, Marketing/marketing management; Kinesiology and exercise science; Community organisation and advocacy; Logistics, materials, and supply chain management; Radio, television, and digital communication; Business administration, management and operations; Accounting, Finance and Child development. 

With advancements in studies, Central Michigan University is also safe universities in USA.

5. New York University

With its committed 24/7 security services, New York University (NYU), located in the heart of the bustling city of New York, demonstrates its dedication to maintaining a safe learning environment.

A collaborative effort between the NYPD and OPERATION ID guarantees free registration for all valuable properties. Safe Ride provides students a risk-free means of transit after regular business hours, particularly at subway stations. It works during the night. These are but a handful of the available security protocols.

NYU offers a safe and energetic environment where students can flourish and it is one of the safe universities in USA.

6. Spring Arbor University

Nuwber asserts that one of the safest college campuses in the United States is at Spring Arbor University, a private institution in Spring Arbor, Michigan. This university is a safe environment for students to study because, surprisingly, there have been no reports of arrests, hate crimes, sexual offences, or violence against women.

Checklists for various problems, such as sexual assault and other circumstances, are available on the university’s website.

7. Princeton University

Princeton University is well known for its rich history, esteemed academic program and also for safe universities in USA. It is renowned for placing a high priority on the safety and welfare of its pupils.

Students can take their concerns to the school’s supervisory chain of command before addressing their issues directly with an Environmental Health Safety (EHS) staff member. The Princeton University Hotline by EthicsPoint also allows you to report issues confidentially and in your preferred language.

Some steps implemented to create the ideal blend of academic brilliance and a safe community are the Card Access System (CACS), Princeton Telephone and Email Notification System (PTENS), bike registration and lock, and blue light phone emergency services.

8. Tufts University

Tufts University campuses are located in the bustling Massachusetts communities of Medford and Somerville, and the university is dedicated to providing a safe environment for its students. The combination of security professionals, which includes the student-run Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) and the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD), effectively keeps crime on university property infrequent.

TUPD has committed and skilled officers stationed at various community groups within the university. They focus on community policing and provide shuttles, emergency blue light systems, and self-defence classes.

Another organisation that enables community members to report threats of crime or violence anonymously is Tufts Threat Assessment and Management (TTAM). The team collaborates closely with other university departments to make sure that hazardous circumstances are identified and reported.

9. Washington State University

The lovely state of Washington is home to Washington State University (WSU). Through its multiple sections working together on various programs to address students’ needs at its several campuses, it maintains a safe environment for its students, staff, and teachers.

The Campus Safety Plan provides specific guidelines and information on what to do in an emergency on WSU campuses.

Become a part of the community and discover a university that genuinely cares about the safety and welfare of its students. WSU is a fantastic environment in which to learn with assurance and form meaningful relationships.

10. Bay Path University

The private institution Bay Path is located in a suburban area on 48 acres. Its Department of Campus Public Safety (CPS) works hard to uphold local, state, federal, and university laws and provide a safe environment for residents and employees of the Bay Path community. 

Among the services that CPS maintains and offers are walking services, fire departments, an innovative e-911 system that links to the Longmeadow Police directly, and secure residence halls that need electronic ID access and are staffed around the clock. Therefore, it is one of the safe universities in USA.

11. Brigham Young University – Ldaho

Situated in the picturesque city of Rexburg, Idaho, Brigham Young University boasts a community of supporting members, well-trained security personnel, and extensive processes.

Most studies on the safest US universities place BYU-Idaho on the list because it provides a safe atmosphere where students may flourish whether they attend classes, engage in extracurricular activities, or just take in the surroundings.

Thus, it would not be incorrect to state that BYU-Idaho, with its gorgeous grounds and resources, is a refuge for your educational experience.

12. Oakland University

Oakland University is located in the centre of Michigan. A College Magazine survey ranked it the third-safest in the country based on variables like housing availability, the overall number of disciplinary offences, the number of violent crimes reported within the school, and campus safety resources.

The study indicates that as of 2021, they had more than 20,000 pupils, yet just four violent crimes were reported yearly. The school’s disciplinary committee can resolve most of the situations that students report without legal intervention, which makes it safe universities in USA.

Additionally, Oakland University provides various tools and services to enable students to make wise decisions and study without fear. Initiatives include the First Aid Support Team (FAST), a crisis intervention workshop, conflict resolution training, violence prevention classes, and collaborations with the community.

13. University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire, tucked away in the gorgeous state of New Hampshire, is well-known for its magnificent buildings and dedication to student safety on and off campus.

Graduates of the New Hampshire Campus Safety Academy, who have received extensive training, collaborate closely with the Manchester Police Department to ensure that kids are given a safe environment to flourish emotionally and intellectually. Furthermore, under police intervention, it becomes the safe universities in USA.

UNH emphasises general protection with its cutting-edge security measures, committed safety programs, and encouraging community. You are welcome to join the late-night study sessions or take a leisurely stroll around the immaculate grounds. 

Want to Study in Safe Universities in USA?

Overall, there are many options to choose from when it comes to universities that offer safe and secure student life and well-being. Most campuses have on-campus security, and even services that enable students to feel safer and be proactive about their safety. Doing the research before starting such an incredible and important journey is very important. Join hands with us here at SecureMyScholarship and enrol in the best university for you and your future worry-free.

We at Securemyscholarship focus on making education accessible and affordable for every student. Therefore, get in touch with us, and our admission counsellors will guide you through the entire process of applying for universities, visas, and other information. 

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