List of Universities in USA without Application Fee

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Applying to US Universities is daunting, and you must submit an application fee, SOP, and other requisite documents through a proper channel. Every University has a different pattern for accepting application fees, as some accept credit or gift cards. However, some universities do not charge application fees, and you can also learn about universities in USA without application fees. 

Suppose the application fees are removed from the admission process for applying to US universities. The procedure would become more accessible. Let’s explore the list of Universities in USA without the Application fees.

List of Universities in USA without Application Fee
List of Universities in USA without Application Fee

Why Look for USA Universities without Application Fees?

If I ask you a straightforward question,

“What is a few hundred dollars spent on application fees? 

And your answer will be, “It is a small expense for my dream university!” 

This idea makes perfect sense, but attending school in the United States costs a lot. Whenever possible, you need to maintain control over your finances.

Make a shortlist of US universities that waive the application fee for international students if you want to apply to multiple (ambitious, moderate, and safe). A university may waive or reduce the application fee that prospective applicants must pay. This is called an application fee waiver or an app fee waiver.

With our research and understanding, we will share the list of Universities in USA without the application fees. 

List of Universities in USA without Application Fee

Here is the list of Universities in USA without application fee:

  1. Case Western Reserve University
  2. Dension University
  3. Southwestern University
  4. Michigan Technological University
  5. Harvard University
  6. Yale University
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. Northeastern University
  9. Colarado State University
  10. Saint Louis University
  11. Drake University
  12. St. Lawrence University
  13. Milwaukee School of Engineering
  14. University of Dayton
  15. Saint Louis University
  16. Trinity University

Let’s discuss some of Universities in USA without Application Fee in detail.

1. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Out of the above Universities in USA without application fee, we have Carnegie Mellon University. Students applying for US universities can receive an application fee waiver from Carnegie Mellon University, which is considered to be one of the top 100 universities in the world.

If you are applying to any of the Schools under CMU University, then you have to obtain the following:

  • Get a financial aid letter explaining your financial needs, including supporting evidence for your application.
  • After receiving your application, CMU will verify it and provide you with the application fee waiver for only two programs.
  • You can consider applying for the Master of Software Engineering Program, which has an application fee waiver from the Software and Societal Systems Department based on the applicants’ needs.
  • After all the verification, a voucher code for your application or full waiver will be sent to the respect department to validate your requirements. This whole procedure will take 2-5 business days. 

2. Colorado State University

Most universities offer application fee waivers depending on financial need, which is technically correct to consider. However, Colorado State University also offers fee waivers depending on various factors.

The Graduate School at Colorado State University provides fee waivers to affiliated or involved students with their partners or programs. For instance, The American Indian Science & Engineering Society and the International Research & Exchange Board partner with CSU.

After applying via a fee waiver, your application is clean, and there is no impact on confirmation of your admission. As an international student, your chances of getting selected totally depend on your application’s merit and your performance. If your application is strong enough, you can get admission. Therefore, Colorado State University is one of the Universities in USA without Application Fee

3. Yale University

Who does not want to be in Ivy League Colleges and the top 20 universities in the world? That is Yale University for you. Yale University has the School of Management that provides fee waivers on your financial condition basis. It means that the family’s income would know the Yale application cost.

By the way, the standard application fee is $250 (INR 20,880). The application fee for those who earn $30,000 (INR 25,01,899) or less annually is $175 (INR 14,594).

And those who earn $15,000 (INR 12,50,944) annually are 10,424. 

Further, the School of Arts and Science at Yale University grants fee waivers as follows:

  • If the student participates in any particular program event or fellowship.
  • Financial Hardship Documented

Undergraduate Students can also get an opportunity to avail of a full application with a waiver of $80. A good preference for your Universities in USA without Application Fee

4. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the top Ivy League institutions. It is the alma mater of Susan Wojcicki (YouTube CEO), Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and more. 

Also, Harvard University ranks fourth in the world rankings for 2024. Besides this, Harvard is known for offering its students fee waivers.

Harvard Business School offers fee waivers to students coming from underprivileged financial backgrounds. You need to show your financial details to avail of this fee waiver, which is known as a need-based fee waiver from Harvard Business School.

You only have to complete the form by mentioning your earnings, wealth, family earnings, student loan debt, or any other fee waiver. Undergraduate students have advantages, and they can also get waived off to Harvard College.

5. North Eastern University (NEU)

Northeastern University at Boston offers a fee waiver of $75 (6,255) on a need basis. NEU also provides fee waivers based on various considerations, such as the family’s low income. NEU allows you to apply without paying the full amount. 

Also, there are days when the university encourages more graduates to fill out their program applications. 

6. University of New Haven

Students who apply through Early Action I or II and Early Decision are eligible for application fee waivers from the University of New Haven. Additionally, some codes waive the application fee, which can be used to submit the admissions application without paying the fee.

Even though a small number of US colleges waive the application fee, a sizable number of prestigious US colleges are aware of the challenges faced by international applicants. Therefore, when applying for admission to US universities, students must make sure they request to waive the application fee in the best way possible. Know how to fill the USA application form.

How to Apply to Universities in USA Without Application Fee

After knowing which university can help you get application fee waivers, you must check some universities on your own. Let’s look at how you can apply to Universities in USA without Application Fee.

1. Research

Before applying to any university, you must check how much fee they charge to complete the application. For instance, you can use it without any application fee for Masters courses.

Also, if you are an undergraduate student planning to study abroad, you can contact SecuremyScholarship and send applications to the respective universities.

2. Shortlisting University

Now that you know the research part of the university is done, you have to select the university that offers your respective courses. Also, keep your shortlist of short universities, including ambitious universities.

Our experts at SecuremyScholarship can make the whole process hassle-free by providing a list of universities that fit your requirements.

You can get a 1-1 profile evaluation from our experts and get the list of Universities in the USA without the application fee.

3. Get all your Documents

Every university has its requirements, and you must fill out forms from all the universities. You need a Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation, Academic Transcripts, and English Proficiency Scores such as GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc.

4. Submit your Application

You must fill in all the details on the application form and upload all the documents. Here, you do not have to pay any application fee; you can send it directly. So, most universities accept through a common app. Therefore. you can check the application process and progress on their website. 

Are you looking to Study in USA without Application Fee?

Regarding your study abroad experience, applying to the universities in the USA listed above without paying an application fee is a wise decision. If you’re on a tight budget, it can help you monetarily and give you more chances to learn and explore. 

Since different universities frequently have other policies and procedures, it is crucial for prospective study abroad students to make sure the institutions on their shortlist do not charge an application fee. 

Get in touch with SecuremyScholarship, and we can help you get your list of universities in USA without application fee and let you get your dream university.

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