How to Select a University for MS in US in 2024

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How to Select a University for MS in US in 2024 – Deciding to pursue a Master’s degree in the United States can be a daunting task. With literally thousands of universities to choose from, how do you select the right one? The most crucial factor is to find a program that meets your specific needs and interests. Each university has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is essential to research before making a final decision. This blog post will discuss some factors you should consider when choosing a university for your MS degree in the United States.

How to Select a University for MS in US

Which Factors to consider while shortlisting universities for MS in USA?

1. Academic Reputation

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a university is its academic reputation. This can be measured in several ways, such as the number of Nobel Prize winners associated with the university, its faculty quality, and its graduates’ research output.

2. Course/Stream Choice of Your Interest

Be sure to pick a university that offers the specific courses and streams you are interested in. Each university has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is crucial to find one that specialises in your area of interest.

3. Course Duration

Master’s programs in the United States typically last two years. However, some universities offer three-year programs. Consider your situation and decide which duration is suitable for you.

4. Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance varies greatly from one university to another. Make sure to consider the total cost of attendance, including tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and other personal expenses.

5. Location

The university’s location can also be an essential factor to consider. If you prefer a big city, you’ll want to look at universities located in urban areas. If you select a more rural setting, you’ll want to look at universities in smaller towns or cities.

6. Cost of Tuition and Living Expenses

Tuition and living expenses vary significantly from university to university. Consider the total cost of attendance before making a final decision.

7. Job Opportunities

The job market in the United States can be very competitive, so choosing a university that offers good job prospects after graduation is essential. Be sure to research the employment rates of graduates from different universities before making a final decision.

8. Friends & Relatives

If you have friends or relatives who live in the United States, they may be able to help you with your decision. Ask them for their opinion on different universities and see if they know anyone who has attended the university you are considering.

9. Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in the United States can vary significantly from one region to another. Be sure to research the climate of the region where the university is located before making a final decision.

10. Accreditation

Finally, check that a recognised accrediting body accredits the university you are considering. This will ensure that employers and other universities will recognise your degree.

How Many Universities Must You Shortlist for MS?

Generally, many students have this question about how many universities they must apply to. The truth is that there is no definite answer as it varies from person to person. If you are an average student, applying to 5-7 colleges is advisable. However, if your grades are not up to the mark, you must increase the number of applications.

To sum up, these were some significant factors that one must remember while zeroing in on the universities for their MS degree course in the United States.

The cost split of application to the foreign university is as follows:

– Application fee – 75$
– GRE test – 205$
– TOEFL Test – 170$
– IELTS Test – 185$
– Visa fee – 160$
– Health and Insurance – 2,200$ per year

The total cost would come around to be 3000 $ without accommodation charges.

What is the best time to Apply for MS in Spring or Fall in 2024?

There are two semesters in the United States- Spring and Fall. Most students prefer to pursue their MS course during the fall semester as the universities have a better reputation, and also, it increases their chances of getting financial aid from the university.

The application process for both Spring and Fall is more or less the same, with a few variations. The deadlines for Fall are generally in December, and for Spring, they are in August.

The average cost of studying MS in the USA is about 30-40 lakhs for 2 years, including tuition fees, hostel accommodation, food and other living expenses. The United States of America is one of the most sought-after destinations for students pursuing their master’s abroad. The country offers a vast array of courses for students and boasts of world-renowned universities that rank high globally.

How to Apply to MS in US?

The first step is to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) tests. Most universities in the United States require these tests.

Next, you need to shortlist the universities you want to apply to. Make sure you check the requirements of each university before using.

Once you have shortlisted the universities, you need to complete the online application form and submit it with your transcripts, GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scorecard, personal statement, resume and letters of recommendation.

After the university reviews your application, you will be invited for an interview. If you are successful in the interview, you will be offered admission to the university.

Finally, you must obtain a student visa from the United States Embassy or Consulate.

What is the Difference Between MS and MBA?

The main difference between MS and MBA is that MS is a technical degree while MBA is a professional degree. MS focuses on developing your technical skills, while MBA develops your business and management skills.

MS is generally pursued by students who want to pursue a career in research or academia, while MBA is followed by students who wish to enter the corporate world. MS takes about 2 years to complete, while MBA takes about 2 years.

The average cost of studying MS in the USA is about 30-40 lakhs for 2 years, including tuition fees, hostel accommodation, food and other living expenses. The average cost of studying MBA in the USA is about 60-70 lakhs for 2 years, including tuition fees, hostel accommodation, food and other living expenses.

What to Prepare and Send Application for MS in US?

Here is the list of documents needed to send an application for MS in US:

1. Cover Letter

The cover letter is a one-page document that introduces you to the university and states your interest in the program. It should be addressed to the graduate admissions committee.

2. CV or Resume

Your CV or resume should include your personal information, educational background, work experience (if any), research experience (if any), awards and accomplishments, and extracurricular activities.

3. Marksheets and Transcripts

You need to submit your mark sheets and transcripts from your bachelor’s degree. If your transcripts are not in English, you must get them translated and notarized.

4. Scorecards for TOEFL and GRE

You must take the TOEFL or IELTS test to prove your English proficiency. You must also take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) test.

5. Letters of Recommendation

You must submit at least 2 letters of recommendation from your professors or employers. These letters should attest to your academic or professional abilities.

6. Photocopy of passport

You must submit your passport photocopy to prove your identity and nationality.

7. Bank statement proof

You need to submit a bank statement or sponsorship letter to prove that you have the financial resources to cover your tuition fees and living expenses.

8. Personal Statement

Your personal statement is a chance to tell the university about your goals, motivations, and experiences. It should be well-written and free of grammatical errors.

9. Affidavit of Support

The affidavit of support is a document filed by your sponsor (usually a parent or guardian) to prove that they can financially support you during your studies in the United States.


Getting an MS degree from US will give you higher career opportunities as you may get a chance to work in top-level companies. If you are someone who did not complete graduation from US University, you might have to create a lot of documents, which is why SecureMyScholarship is here to help you. Our academic counsellors will guide you throughout the admission process. Thus, don’t just wait; contact us and guarantee your seat and secure your scholarship.

FAQs about How to Select a University for MS in US

Q1. What are the benefits of doing masters in USA?

The US Universities are of high academic standards and are top ranking across the globe. The US Universities has enriched classroom and teaching experience. After you complete your degree, you get opportunities to get high paying jobs.

Q2. Which master’s degree is most in demand in USA?

Most in demand master’s degree are as follows:

– MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
– MS (Master in Science)
– Computer Sciences
– Health Management
– Human Resource Management
– Mathematics

Q3. Do master’s students get paid in USA?

In USA, mostly students option for STEM courses may get paid like a stipend amount but not for every masters courses students get paid.

Q4. Can we work while doing masters in USA?

Yes, you can work while doing masters in USA. You may get 20 hours in a week to work, here mostly students go for an internship or a part time job to further continue their education.

Q5. Do international students get job in USA?

Yes, international students get jobs in USA. After you have completed your MS, the University will provide you the opportunity to sit for the campus placements and give you guidance to clear the interview of top multinational companies.

Q6. What is the minimum salary after MS in USA?

After completing MS in US, you may get a minimum salary of $75k – $100k per year i.e Rs. 50,00,000 – Rs. 70,00,000 per year.

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