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GRE Exam Registration Process, Fees, Accommodation – You can take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) if you plan to apply to graduate law or business school programs. It is a standardised exam to explore your future options for post-graduation. Here are some key points regarding eligibility to appear for the GRE:

  • The GRE is open to candidates from all educational backgrounds, irrespective of the field of study or specialization.
  • The GRE is for candidates who are in the final year of their undergraduate degree or the ones who have completed their undergraduate studies and are planning to pursue their master’s or doctoral studies, especially in the field of business studies.
  • A vast number of institutions accept GRE scores to intake students for various Graduate level programs like engineering, natural science, social science, business, Law, arts and humanities.
  • The candidates can take the exam from test centres or at home. This exam is open to all candidates across the world. However, the at-home testing is possible only if they fulfil the requirements as stated by the Educational Testing Service (ETS)

GRE Exam Registration Process, Fees, Accommodation

GRE Exam Registration Process, Fees, Accommodation

Though the GRE is a standardized exam for many graduate programs, it is up to the discretion of individual institutions whether to accept GRE scores or not. Hence, do a thorough check on the institution’s requirements that you intend to apply to.

If you have not yet decided on the institutions you want to apply to, you can take the GRE and have the score handy.

The GRE has two categories of examinations:

  1. General Test – It tests the candidate’s verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing ability.
  2. Subject Test- It tests the candidate’s ability in Physics, Mathematics or Psychology

You will require an ETS account to register for the tests. Using an ETS account, you can perform the following activities

  • Sign up for the free GRE Search Service
  • Apply for a test
  • View, change or cancel your test registration
  • Purchase test preparation materials
  • View and apply for approved testing accommodations
  • View scores and scoring reports
  • Access free GRE diagnostic service
  • Choose to get important notifications on text message

Create an ETS Account

An Educational Testing Service (ETS) account is required to apply for examinations like GRE and TOEFL.

To create an ETS account, ensure that you have a valid I.D. proof with your name, photograph and signature and follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Open to the Login page > click on Create an account.
  2. Enter your Full name exactly as mentioned in your I.D., including the space between your first and last names, as this will appear on your exam and scorecard. Any difference in the name will nullify your test and the scorecard.
  3. Continue with your date of birth, email, gender, address and phone number.
  4. Choose whether to receive important notifications or not > Create a username and password.
  5. Select a security question > Provide an answer for it.
  6. Check the box to acknowledge all the terms and conditions > Next > Submit.

Note that your name, gender and date of birth cannot be easily changed later; review the details at every step and then move to the next step.

Once you have completed all these steps, you will receive a confirmation email from the ETS and voila! Your ETS account has been created!

Register for a Test

As stated above, there are two categories of exams. The registration process for both categories is similar, with just one extra step for the subject test. Stepwise, we shall discuss this below:

    1. Enter the ETS user I.D. and password > Sign in
    2. Click register> Choose GRE general test / GRE subject test.
    3. If you register for a subject test, the additional step is choosing the subject and whether you want to attend it at the test centre or at home.
    4. If you are registering for a general test, choose a convenient test centre or home, wherever you want to take your test.
      1. From Home testing- Verify your Email address> Choose the 2-month period when you wish to take the exam > Click Continue > Select test appointment> Confirm time zone > Select an available test date > Select time> Register for the test.
      2. From the test centre- Enter your preferred location> Choose the 2-month period when you wish to take the exam> Continue> Select date and location> Click ‘show test times’ for that location> Select and Register.
    5. Review all the details for registration in ‘testing policies’> check the check box> Click Next.
    6. You can now add free official test preparation kits to your cart and shop for additional kits if needed.
    7. Proceed to checkout > Enter promo code/vouchers (if any) >Click Pay Now.
    8. Select payment method> Provide payment details.
    9. Once the payment is verified, you will get a confirmation mail with test information.
    10. You’ll get the link to launch your exam if you choose to test from home. Hence, keep this mail safe.

Accommodation for GRE Candidates With Disabilities / Health-related Needs

ETS tries to provide equal opportunities for test takers with disabilities/ health-related needs by providing reasonable accommodations that will help them participate in examinations with ease

If you have a disability/ health-related need and require testing accommodations, you must get your accommodations approved before scheduling your exam.

The available accommodations for general tests are as follows:

  1. Use of JAWS software with or without Braille devices for candidates with vision imparity.
  2. Extended testing time of 25%, 50% or 100% based on the requirement and approval.
  3. The availability of extra breaks, such as the break time used for medication, snacks, trips to the restroom, etc., is not included in the testing time.
  4. Availability of ergonomic keyboard, keyboard with touchpad screen, magnification, selectable background and foreground colours, trackball and IntelliKeys keyboard
  5. Assistance of a human reader or human scribe
  6. Assistance of oral interpreter or sign language interpreter for spoken directions alone for deaf or hard of hearing candidates.
  7. Assistance of Braille slate and stylus, Perkins brailler for note taking for blind or low vision candidates
  8. Braille, large-print test, books, recorded, audio recorded audio with Tectile figure supplement, recorded audio with large print figure supplement as alternate test formats for blind or low vision candidates.

How Do You Apply for GRE General Test Accommodations?

The approval for general test accommodations must be taken well before scheduling your test since the process of taking approval may take 6 to 12 weeks.

There are two ways of getting GRE General test accommodations for candidates with disabilities or health-related needs:

Off-line mode

Fill out the test authorisation request voucher form; submit it with the test accommodations request form and appropriate documentation as mentioned in the bulletin supplement.

You can submit this application by mail, email or courier service to the following addresses:


Mail:    ETS Disability Services; P.O. Box 6054; Princeton, NJ 08541-6054 USA

Courier: ETS Disability Services; 1425 Lower Ferry Road; Ewing, NJ 08618-1414 USA

Online mode:

The simplest and most convenient way to apply for recommendations is through your online ETS account.

  1. Login to your ETS account > choose test takers with disabilities or health-related needs on the homepage> click ‘GRE accommodation status/new request.’
  2. Follow the instructions as stated > submit all the completed forms with documentation.

GRE Exam Fees

The ETS announced the revised Fees for each exam and service effective from July 1, 2023

Sr. no. Particulars China India Other Countries
1 General test (GT) USD 231.3 INR 22550 USD 220
2 Subject test (ST) USD 150 INR 14500 USD 150
3 Rescheduling Fee (GT) USD 53.9 INR 5000 USD 50
4 Rescheduling Fee (ST) USD 50 INR 5000 USD 50
5 Changing Test Centre USD 50 INR 5000 USD 50
6 Changing subject (ST) USD 50 INR 5000 USD 50
7 ASR (Addition score report) USD 35 INR 2900 USD 35
8 Score Reinstatement fee USD 50 INR 5000 USD 50
9 Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure USD 60 INR 5900 USD 60
10 Question-and-Answer review service USD 50
Note* No.10 is only for New York state residents

GRE is an examination taken by students who wish to pursue their graduation- majorly in business or Law. Several institutions prefer GRE scores, while there are many institutions that prefer other examinations like GMAT and TOEFL as well.

Do thorough research on the requirements specified by the institutions you plan to apply for and take up the required assessments. This might mean a lot of work, but you can make it easier with the help of our college counsellor.

Reach out to us for a complete assistantship, from shortlisting your college to getting your offer letter. Subscribe to our membership program to get exceptional services and exclusive scholarships, too.

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