Law and Criminology Courses Offered by Murdoch University

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Murdoch University Criminology – In a society comprising myriad communities and perspectives, differentiating between right and wrong, moral and immoral, and innocent and guilty is an indispensable part of ensuring peace and harmony. Law and order acts as an integrating factor for all citizens, ensuring justice regardless of every other arbitrary classification.

Criminology—the scientific study of the causes, prevention, and remediation of crime and delinquency—is an integral aspect of criminal law and justice. Today, several universities offer law and criminology courses to help students understand the legal consequences of crime and contribute to a more peaceful world. Murdoch University offers various comprehensive courses in law and criminology, amalgamating theoretical knowledge with hands-on training in a highly conducive educational environment.

Murdoch University Criminology

Law and Criminology Courses Offered by Murdoch University

Free thinking, the Core Principle – Murdoch university prides itself in its core principle of free thinking. Consequently, studying law and criminology at such a university provides students with a platform to emerge as well-informed, dynamic law professionals. The highly proficient and experienced professors—including Associate Professor and criminology expert Guy Hall—function as facilitators in the journey. They typically adopt a student-centric approach to inculcate essential law and criminology skills—including defending others’ rights and preventing and solving crimes—in students.

A Platform to Solve Real Cold Cases – Murdoch University provides students with enriching opportunities to solve real-life criminal cases pertaining to homicide, missing persons, etc. Students typically analyse data, study the case carefully and review large chunks of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to attempt a resolution of unsolved cases. Such an initiative allows students to gain a better understanding of the cases they might have to deal with as lawyers and criminologists.

Practical Application of Law Skills: Murdoch’s SCALES Law Clinic – The Southern Communities Advocacy Legal Education Service Inc. (SCALES), Murdoch’s very own legal clinic, was established in collaboration with the local community. The centre aims to provide free legal advice to low-income groups, together with serving as a means for law students to apply their skills. Students typically provide legal advice and representation in various legal domains, including family law, public housing, immigration, equal opportunity claims, and domestic violence.

The Murdoch Moot – The moot courts organised by Murdoch replicate real-life court settings to a great extent, providing students with the practical experience of working at the court. The university also conducts several mooting competitions entailing a wide range of in-house junior and senior moots. Some of these competitions include The Magistrates Court Moot, Criminal Law Moot, and the law competitions by the Murdoch Student Law Society (MSLS).

The Law Cornucopia: A Plethora of Law and Criminology Courses – Last but not least, Murdoch University offers a wide range of law and criminology courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, together with honours and research programs.

The undergraduate law and criminology courses at Murdoch include—but are not limited to—Bachelor of Laws (LLB); Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (an integration of law with an arts subject like psychology or political science); Bachelor of Criminology; Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Arts (i.e., law plus specialisation in an arts subject like psychology); and Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Communication.

Students may also pursue their master’s degrees in law and criminology, studying courses such as Graduate Certificate in Criminology, Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Healthcare, Graduate Diploma in Criminology, and Master of Criminology.

Ranked among the top universities in Australia in the 2021 edition of the Good Universities Guide, Murdoch University is based on the core values of study, research, collaboration, and exploration. Murdoch’s law and criminology courses facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and inculcation of skills pertaining to law, order, and crime prevention and resolution. Entailing a sprawling campus, world-class infrastructure and facilities, high level of teaching expertise, and a student-oriented approach, Murdoch welcomes several international students, helping them emerge as successful law professionals.

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