Murdoch University Scholarships for International Students

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Murdoch University Scholarships for International Students – While local education expands students’ knowledge, global education broadens their horizons, providing them with exposure to diverse perspectives and helping them emerge as well-adjusted global citizens. For this reason, students from across the globe are opting to move abroad to pursue their higher education. As an initiative to promote this positive trend and encourage international students to fulfil their academic objectives, several reputed universities in major countries offer scholarships for such students, recognizing their potentials and helping them gain easy access to educational opportunities.

Murdoch University Scholarships for International Students

Murdoch University in Dubai is one such institution that offers a plethora of scholarships for its international students in addition to providing world-class facilities and curricula. Here are some of the lucrative scholarships offered by this university:

Murdoch University Scholarships for International Students

Pathway Programs Scholarship

Murdoch University Dubai offers a “Pathway to Perth” program at the foundation and diploma levels, helping students become accustomed to their courses and the university backdrop before seamlessly transitioning to the Perth campus. In 2022, the university is offering 50% scholarships for students who begin pursuing their chosen programs in any of the year’s trimesters. Moreover, the Pathway to Perth program is offered in conjunction with its Early Bird discount of 5%. Students can also avail of partner school bursaries, if applicable, upon admission.

 MBA and Master of International Technology Scholarship

Murdoch Dubai accommodates and support students desiring to work while pursuing their studies. Consequently, has been offering 20% scholarships to all international students who constitute a part of its MBA and MIT programs in 2022. Students not eligible for the academic merit scholarships offered by Murdoch are also considered for this scholarship. This scholarship is integrated with the 5% Early Bird Discount offered at Murdoch.

 Academic Merit Scholarship

Several academic merit scholarships ranging from 15% to 40% of the tuition fees are offered to students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The fee waivers under this scholarship are determined based on the students’ academic performance in their previous years. Furthermore, one exceptional student with the highest results (minimum 85%) receives a 100% scholarship each year. The Academic Merit Scholarship can be integrated with the Early Bird discount and partner school bursary of 5% each. You may check the website for specific information on the academic scholarships offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Murdoch Dubai.

Bottom Line

Reputed universities recognize the innate talents in their students and encourage them to utilize their full potential. Murdoch University in Dubai is a classic example of the ways in which universities can offer considerable financial support, helping their students receive much-needed exposure to the global world. If you are looking to enroll at Murdoch Dubai as an international student through a scholarship, we are here to guide you through the process!

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