Study Abroad with Utmost Flexibility in What and How you Study

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Study Abroad with Utmost Flexibility in What and How you Study – Are you someone who loves having a choice in everything you do? If so, education is no exception if you choose to pursue your education at Murdoch University, Dubai.

Murdoch University Dubai

Students at Murdoch University Dubai experience an enriching educational journey that seamlessly transitions from Dubai’s dynamic Knowledge Park to the university’s prestigious Perth campus while maintaining rigorous academic standards through exchange programs.

The students have a huge range of courses to choose from in each of the fields, like Agricultural, Science, Business, Creative Media, Criminology, Humanities, Technology, Engineering etc.

Murdoch University’s Dubai campus has various facilities to aid the students with better and more effective learning. A few of the facilities available for the students are as follows.

  • Media Art centers
  • Law Moot court
  • Virtual Simlab classrooms
  • IT Innovation Hub
  • Nursing suites

It also has real-world opportunities like

  • Murdoch Psychology Clinic
  • Chiropractic Clinic
  • Caladenia Counselling
  • The Animal Hospital
  • Murdoch Law Clinic

The university’s programs blend world-class education with international perspectives, promising a transformative experience and a distinguished degree.

What’s unique about the courses at Murdoch University, Dubai?

Flexible study option for Study Abroad

As a student looking to study abroad at Murdoch University, you can choose to take a full-time, part-time, or online course. 

However, if you are an international student studying in Dubai with a student visa, you must be enrolled in a full-time course and complete it within the specified time. 

A few courses are structured in semester formats where your academic year is divided into two parts,

  • Semester One: beginning mid-February
  • Semester Two: beginning late July.

A few other courses are structured in trimester formats where your academic year is divided into 3 parts, hence enabling you to complete the course in 2 years, which usually takes 3 years.

  • Trimester One: beginning mid-January
  • Trimester Two: beginning mid-May
  • Trimester Three: beginning late August.

2. Personalised courses for Study Abroad

The university offers you the option of choosing two majors in one degree, by which you can complete a degree with two majors in the time span of one and get your degree certificate that recognises both your majors. 

However, you cannot choose a double major is restricted for some majors; however, you can choose them individually. 

Another personalisation is that you can pursue two different programs simultaneously (for example, the Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Criminology) and reduce the total duration of completing both courses by 1-2 years. 

3. Career training for Study Abroad

The university prepares you not just with your core skills but also with your employability skills.

You will get access to online units that contain materials and assessments to help you understand and develop your strengths and weaknesses. 

This will help you groom yourself for your career and come up with a career management plan for yourself. You’ll be equipped with skills to build and maintain your professional identity and networks online. You will have 40 hours of hands-on experience to give your resume a better look. 

You can get a degree that recognises two majors and choose between offline, online, part-time and full-time opportunities, complete 2 degrees simultaneously and save 1 to 2 years and be industry-ready, using all the great facilities on the campus.

If you are looking to ace your career and have all the flexibility you need, you should choose a personalised course to begin your career. The Murdoch, Dubai, is the right place for you. 

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