Top 5 Murdoch University Business Courses

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Murdoch University Business Courses – How often do we stop to acknowledge the role of good entrepreneurial skills in an advanced 21st Century world? From selling products and offering services to initiating substantial reforms in the functioning of modern society, entrepreneurship is one of the most indispensable aspects of development. Today, corporate firms have typically transcended the 9am–6pm conventions of private jobs, incorporating innovation and efficiency to business solutions.

Therefore, not surprisingly, the business world offers unprecedented professional scope for young individuals with a flare for business and entrepreneurship. Today, international students from world over are seeking admission into prestigious universities to study various business components. Murdoch University, headquartered in Australia, is one such university offering comprehensive business courses. So, here are some undergrad business courses that you could study against the backdrop of a highly stimulating and enriching educational environment at Murdoch:

Murdoch University Business Courses

Top 5 Business Courses Offered by Murdoch University

Bachelor of Business – Are you an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to explore your avenues in the business world? The Bachelor of Business course is your ideal program to make an informed decision. This all-inclusive course builds in students a strong foundation in business management, inculcating skills such as team building and team work, international business operations, and modern strategies to reach out to intended target markets. It ultimately provides students with the opportunity to specialise in one or two business domains of their choice. Students electing for this program typically secure lucrative job opportunities in fields such as accounting, financial management, investment banking, and human resources.

Bachelor of Agricultural Science/ Bachelor of Business – This unique amalgamation of agriculture and entrepreneurship helps students explore business operations specific to the agricultural sector. Students are exposed to various aspects of agribusiness, from animal, crop, and pasture science to cell biology and fundamentals of chemistry. From a business perspective, students are exposed to various subjects — including management in a global environment, introduction to accounting, and foundations of economics. Such a varied curriculum helps students explore the modern food production system through the lens of business management. Some promising career paths in this field include agricultural science, farm management, agriculture analysis, and agronomy.

Accounting – Whether it is ordering your lunch from a nearby eatery while preparing for your exams or paying your EMIs, accounting is an indispensable aspect of every day-to-day activity. Thus, accountancy is typically a go-to subject for students exceptionally proficient with — and passionate about — numbers. The accounting course at Murdoch recognises and moulds such students, honing their skills in various areas of accountancy, including taxation acts, accounting and auditing standards, purchasing and selling shares, management accounting, and technology in accounting. The course inculcates essential accounting skills, such as negotiation, ethical decision-making, and problem analysis. Students having completed this course typically secure high-paying jobs as financial analysts, credit managers, auditors, chief financial officers (CFO), certified practising accountants (CPA), etc.

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation – In today’s world characterised by cut-throat competition at the global level, innovation is the only strategy to escape the monotony and appeal to one’s intended audience. This combination of business and innovation helps students transcend academic boundaries and learn various skills, including entrepreneurial marketing, cultures of innovation, consulting and freelancing, and studying an innovator’s mindset. Such skills are integrated with conventional business topics—economics, accounting, entrepreneurial strategy, business law, etc.—to help students bring about much-needed innovations in business. Students with this degree typically proceed to assume key leadership roles, becoming business owners, business analysts and managers, CEOs and CFOs, etc.

Banking – Banks and financial institutions can never go obsolete as long as money functions as a means of exchange. Consequently, individuals with banking degrees are always sought after at various business echelons. Banking students at Murdoch University work gain the opportunity to work with international organizations and projects. Thus, the university facilitates real-life business experiences for students, coupled with providing theoretical knowledge on topics such as finance law, treasury management, credit and lending decisions, and commercial banking. It also helps students understand the association between bankers and customers, facilitating efficient decision-making and risk management.

Having bagged a QS Stars five-star rating and emerged as one of the leading global universities, Murdoch University provides highly structured undergraduate and postgraduate courses entailing world-class curricula and teaching expertise. Business as a study area is highly sought after at Murdoch owing to its emphasis on practical learning, innovation, and skill development. Are you a student looking to secure admission in one of the business courses offered at Murdoch University? We at SecureMyScholarship have your back.

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