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Block Teaching Method – Ask any seasoned teacher, and s/he would tell you that the best teaching strategy is the one that caters to every learner’s needs and preferences. The more individual attention students receive, the higher are their interest levels, and the better is their retention. However, vast curricula with several subjects taught simultaneously can hamper students’ focus, culminating in a “Jack of all trades, master of none” situation. The block teaching method steps in here to simplify the process, allowing teachers to focus on each student’s requirements and facilitating a less stressful academic journey. So, what is block teaching, and why are top UK universities opting for this technique? Here’s a glimpse:

Block Teaching Method

What is Block Teaching?

Block teaching is an educational strategy wherein the curriculum is classified into fixed time periods, or blocks, and only one subject, topic or learning objective is addressed in each of these blocks. Such blocks are highly goal oriented, focusing on achieving specific outcomes adequately before moving to other goals.

Why are Universities Opting for Block Teaching?

Here are some reasons why block teaching deserves the attention it has been garnering today:

A Simpler Timetable
Typically, students’ timetables are crammed with various subjects to be taught in one day, forcing them to divert their attention from one subject to another repeatedly. Such multi-tasking can prevent their in-depth comprehension of a topic or subject, causing confusion and requiring them to engage in extensive self-study. Premier UK universities incorporating block teaching ensure that students’ timetables are spaced out and sufficient, exclusive time is allocated to each subject or topic. A simpler timetable also helps students engage in extracurricular activities and devote time to rest and leisure.

Instant Feedback
Block teaching typically involves assessments at the end of each block, facilitating a more detailed evaluation of students’ understanding of the subject. Moreover, such assessments enable a more efficient feedback process, allowing teachers to observe students’ performances more closely.

In-depth Module Comprehension
Breaking down the components of a vast subject can considerably increase one’s comprehension of each topic and ensure long-term retention. Educational institutions like De Montfort University entail tutors with extensive experience in the subject area, offering expert guidance to students for each module in the programme. Students can understand the nitty gritty of the subject and understand how the topics included within the course are inextricably linked to one another.

A Closely Knit Learning Community
Block teaching typically involves smaller class strengths and in-depth lectures on specific topics. Consequently, students and teachers interact more closely than in the traditional teaching method and form close bonds. Students develop healthy interpersonal skills, including teamwork, group discussions and communication skills, by enrolling in programmes incorporating block teaching. Such team spirit paves the way for an enriching and vibrant university life.

Focus on Skill Development
Finally, students are exposed to intricate aspects of the subject matter, helping them fine-tune their skills in different areas. Leading educational institutions incorporating this teaching method emphasise imparting knowledge and skills essential for students to secure well-paying, promising careers in the field. The entrepreneurial, life and wellbeing skills inculcated in these programmes stand students in good stead in their professional lives.

Although block teaching focuses on a detailed study of several areas included in a subject, it moves at a steady pace, ensuring that students do not stagnate in the learning process. Its various advantages over the traditional teaching method — including continuous evaluation, smaller classroom strength, more extensive knowledge and skills, and a more stress-free academic life — have fuelled its popularity in several significant universities worldwide. De Montfort University’s courses incorporating the block teaching strategy are well-structured and comprehensive, making the learning process enjoyable and enriching for students and teachers. Are you looking to enter this vibrant, student-oriented world of DMU? We at SecureMyScholarship would be thrilled to help you secure admission in this university.

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