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What Is The Process For Extending An Australia Visa?

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Visa Extension in Australia – In Australia, you will need a valid visa to stay there according to your purpose of visit. You must apply for a visa extension when your current visa has expired or is about to expire. Depending on the kind of visa you get and the reason or reason for the extension of your stay, you have a few choices to consider if you want to prolong your stay in Australia.

Some visas have the option for visa extensions, whereas some need this facility. Here, you have to apply for another pass. An immigration Agent Perth can explain to you in a better way how to extend your stay in Australia.

Visa Extension in Australia

Australian Visa Extension

You must apply for a new visa to prolong your visa for Australia. Although some visas permit you to go for a new one if you stay in Australia for an extended time, not all do. You must familiarise yourself with the terms of your visa as they were set when it was issued.

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Do you want to study abroad with a guaranteed scholarship?

For visa holders in Australia, temporary visas are the only official permission available. The Department of Foreign Affairs has tight guidelines that visa holders must abide by regarding visa extensions in Australia when they need to stay longer than their visa’s initial validity.

Process Of  Visa Extension in Australia

For an extension of your Australian visa, you must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Assess The Conditions Attached To Your Visa

When you get an Australia visa, it has so many conditions attached to it. These conditions are all about what you can and cannot do while you have that particular visa.

According to the “no further stay” clause, people with visas who fit this requirement can only apply for protection visas while they are in Australia. You should thus double-check the terms and conditions before flying to Australia. The terms of your visa can be reviewed again in VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) in your letter granting you a visa.

Step 2: Applicability Of Waiver Request

If condition 8503 of your visa applies to you, you must submit a request to have the restriction on your ability to remain in Australia continuously waived.

You must meet the following conditions for a waiver request:

  • You have medical reasons why for not returning home.
  • A close friend or family member is gravely ill or has died.
  • A natural disaster has struck your country.
  • Your country is now experiencing political upheaval or civil conflict.
  • Your preferred school (Australia student visa) does not offer the allowed study programme.

In the following situations, there won’t be an end to the “no further stay” rule:

  • Marriage
  • A fresh partnership with a citizen or long-term resident of Australia
  • Failure in class (student visa)

Furthermore, it needs to be more justification for the condition’s waiver because you were unaware that it applied to your visa.

Step 3: Request A Visa Condition Waiver

You must submit a waiver request to the Department of Foreign Affairs if you have compelling reasons to obtain a waiver for your 8503 visa condition. Fill out an online waiver request form to submit your request for a waiver.

Download the PDF version of the form, print it, and fill it out if you can’t do it online. You must affix the following files (in English or English translation) to both forms:

  • A replica of your passport’s bio page
  • Evidence (medical report, death certificate, a transcript from school, etc.) proving you need a waiver

At least four weeks before the expiration of your existing visa, you must submit a waiver request. On the VEVO portal, you can check the visa expiration date and should be able to see all the restrictions that come with it. The written decision granting your visa will include the expiry date.

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Step 4: Review The Waiver Decision.

You must hold off until the Department has finished processing your request after you ask for the “no further stay” stipulation waived. You can apply for a new visa if the petition for waiver is approved. If the waiver request is denied, you won’t be able to apply for another valid visa. If your current one expires after the waiver request is denied, you won’t be able to stay in Australia.

You can’t request a review since the Department’s decision is final. If your status changes, you can make a new waiver request, i.e. if exceptional circumstances make it necessary for you to stay in Australia. The weaving of condition 8503 does not mean you will get another visa.

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Do you want to study abroad with a guaranteed scholarship?

Step 5: Application For A New Visa

You can apply for a new visa to stay in Australia for an extended period once the “no further stay” limitation has been lifted. You must reapply for a visa because it is against the law to extend an existing visa in Australia.

You can apply for the same visa you already held or for a different one that matches your needs.

If the “no further stay” condition does not apply to your existing visa, you may apply for a new one. Since the requirement does not apply to your type of visa, you do not need to ask for a condition waiver.

However, you may apply for a new visa before your current one expires. The Australian government will issue you a bridging visa A (BVA) while your new visa application is being processed. You can’t depart Australia while you are waiting with a BVA. Your BVA will no longer be valid if you leave, and you won’t be permitted to enter again.

You must pay the application expenses because you are requesting a new visa. The sum will differ based on the type of visa.

Eligibility For Obtaining A New Visa

The Department of Home Affairs will provide a new visa to stay for an extended time if:

  • You possess a valid provisional or temporary visa
  • You have complied with all requirements for your existing visa.
  • You wish to remain longer for leisure-related (rather than business-related) reasons
  • You satisfy the requirements, and
  • There is no ‘No Further Stay’ provision in your visa.

All passport holders in Australia can submit an online application for a visiting visa extension. If the Embassy denies you a new visa, you must depart Australia before the time allowed for your stay is up. The authorised stay term will typically be 28 days from the Australia Visitor Visa decision date and after the original visa’s expiration date.


A visa extension is applying for a new visa before the current one expires. The procedure is similar to the first application submitted; however, this time, the application is submitted in the country of destination, allowing you to carry out your schooling plan while maintaining your legal status. The length of the new visa depends on your project; it differs for each nation depending on the chosen course and immigration laws.

When you apply for a visa extension in some countries, such as Australia, you are given a temporary “Bridging visa” with specific conditions. This temporary visa does not include a work permit, but if your first visa is still valid, you are exempt from this requirement. If your first visa has expired, however, the conditions of this temporary visa apply to you.

However, you can consult an immigration expert to know the detailed process and requirements for visa extensions.

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Do you want to study abroad with a guaranteed scholarship?

Do you want to study abroad with a guaranteed scholarship?

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Do you want to study abroad with a guaranteed scholarship?

Do you want to study abroad with a guaranteed scholarship?

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