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January Intake in USA 2024 – Whenever you think about studying abroad, the United States of America is the first country that pops into your head. And why not? American Universities dominates the top 20 world University every year.  The USA Universities offer higher education beyond comparison through their modern way of learning, excellent faculty and diversity in the courses, which are student studies oriented and assure more extraordinary career aspects. Apart from that, the USA has immense international popularity regarding its Western Lifestyle, Hollywood, Ivy Leagues, Good Music, etc. Thus, people across the globe want to visit the USA and enjoy this civilization.

As a student, you must dream of studying in the USA, and for better understanding, we will share the intakes that the USA offers in a year. Further, we will explain the January Intake with a detailed timeline overview and give you a list of January intake universities in USA. So, with no further delay, let us look at the Intakes in the USA, application starting & deadline dates, necessary documents, and courses open for the intakes.

January Winter Intake in the USA - Know All About Deadlines Admission Last Date

Popular Intakes in the USA

In the USA, Universities and Colleges follow the three intakes throughout the year, which are mentioned below:

  1. Jan [Winter] Intake in USA – January to May
  2. Spring [Summer] Intake in USA – Begin around May
  3. Fall [September] Intake in USA – September to December

When you apply for the University, you cannot simply choose it based on its name. Further, you have to pick it depending on the range of courses it is offering, career prospects after completion, exposure to new opportunities, etc. Every intake has a different number of courses every year in every intake.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to have your research done before you apply to any University. From the above, the Fall [September] intake is quite popular because of its many programs offered in various specializations. Here, not all students might get into to Fall intake. Thus, you must keep yourself open to other intakes as well, and the second most popular intake is the January intake which we will discuss in detail.

So, buckle up your seat belt and let us begin the first destination, which is understanding the Application Process for January intake stepwise.

List of January Intake Universities in USA in 2024

Here is the list of January Intake Universities in the USA

1. Adelphi University
2. Cleveland State University
3. DePaul University
4. Simmons University
5. UMASS Boston
6. University of Illinois Springfield

Stepwise Guide for January Intake 2024

Suppose you are a student planning to start your study abroad program in 2024, then the January intake 2024 term is the best option. And here, we will share the step-wise process according to the timeline, which will help you here; we will share the step-wise process for the timeline, which will help you plan accordingly.

Step 1: Research, Examine, and Select (March 2023 to June 2023)

  • Here you have to start your research based on your interests. For instance, which area of the US are you planning to go to? Which courses are you going to pursue? What are the career prospects the University will offer?
  • Simply type the University name on google and visit their official website. Filter the required information such as application deadline date, documents required, etc.
  • List down all the preferred universities and mark the application deadline date on the Google Calendar for a digital reminder.

Step 2: Prepare for the Standardized Exam (June 2023 to September 2023)

  • You must have your IELTS exam qualified with a minimum 5.5 band score. You can either have any other English proficiency test, such as TOEFL, PRE, etc.
  • If you are applying for a Business course, then you can have the GMA; otherwise, for a Technical course, you can have GRE.
  • These exam results are declared within two weeks. Any chance you could not qualify, you can reappear for the test.

Step 3: Submitting Application Form (August 2023 to September 2023)

  • You must fill out the application form for the respective shortlisted universities.
  • Make sure to fill in filling rightful details and no chance of mistakes.
  • Submit a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) by emphasizing your skills and willingness to join the course.
  • Get a recommendation letter from your college professors in the case of college students or from office managers for working professionals.

Step 4: Sending Acceptance Letter & Scheduling Interviews (September 2023 to November 2023)

  • After submitting the application form, the university will send you a mail if you are shortlisted. Here, you have to accept the letter, and for better clarity, you can schedule a video call with the admissions officer.
  • Sometimes, accepting a letter is not enough; you might have to face an interview to confirm your seat.
  • Now, you must pay non-refundable admission fees to the University for booking your seat.
  • The acceptance letter from different universities may vary, but do not wait for the other university’s reply. Instead, move forward with the opportunities you have if you are not much sure.

Step 5: Applying for Student Visa & Education Loan/Scholarships (October 2023 to November 2023)

  • After receiving your admission letter, you can apply for a student visa in the USA.
  • Apply for education loans or external scholarships, as it might take some time.
  • Keep a file handy with all the information required to make a Visa.

Step 6: Time to Fly! (December 2023 to January 2024)

  • To avail of good discounts, use the student code and book your tickets in advance.
  • You can go a month before the commencement of your course, which means in December.
  • Going a month before will help you to adjust on or off campus.
  • Carry a file with all financial documents, student visa, and acceptance letters.

Have an international debit card or credit card for financial transactions. Thus, you are ready to begin your dream course at a top university worldwide.

Documents Checklist For Applying To the University in US

Here are the list of documents you need while applying to the University in the US:

1. 10th & 12th mark sheets
2. Provincial Degree Certificate from the respective University
3. Have 2-3 SOPs
4. Scorecards for your IELTS, GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL exams
5. Have a resume stating your extracurricular activities
6. National ID Proof
7. Student VISA
8. Passport
9. Certificates of Internships, Online Courses, Projects, etc.

Pros of January Intake in USA

  1. You have ample time to prepare for standardized tests such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS, etc.
  2. You might complete your degree in a shorter duration.
  3. One to one student & teacher interaction.

Cons of January Intake in USA

  1. The Winter season is too chilling for a newcomer. However, coming to the USA in advance will be a better idea.
  2. Limited number of courses.


We believe this article gave you all the relevant information regarding the Jan intake in the USA. With our Stepwise guide and the timeline, you can understand the tentative months to proceed with your application.

Moreover, it might be challenging to list down the Universities and then note down their application deadline, documentation requirement, etc. What if we say? We can simplify your work. Yes, you heard it right. We can be your mentor or a friend while in your admission process journey. At Securemyscholarship, we have highly experienced academic counselors who can help you to get into your dream university with exciting scholarships. Do not wait, Contact us today to apply for January intake Universities in the USA, and proceed with your admission.

FAQs about January Intake in USA

Q1. Which intake is best for the USA?

There are three intakes in the USA, January Intake, Summer Intake, and Fall Intake. The most popular intake is Fall intake. However, Jan Intake in the US also attracts competitive students across the globe opting for various courses.

Q2. What is the deadline for January intake 2024?

The deadline for January intake 2024 is somewhere between November to December. Still, you must visit the official website of the respective universities to get a better understanding.

Q3. How many days will it take to get admission to the USA?

Generally, this depends on the University. However, it may vary between a week to a month. The procedure might go long for top elite universities as they conduct rounds and documentation before selecting a student.

Q4. Do January intake students get a summer break?

Students are not encouraged to take summer breaks as in a year, they might get scheduled breaks when the college is not offering the required courses that semester.

Q5. Can I enter the USA without IELTS?

IELTS is one of the standardized tests for testing English language proficiency, but it is not a necessary exam. There are other exams, such as TOEFL, PRE, etc. Therefore, now you are eligible to enter the USA without IELTS.

Q6. How can I pass the US student Visa Interview?

While going for Visa Interview, the first step is to be confident and answer the questions patiently. Be in a jolly mood, and know about your University and programs well in advance. Keep your answers concise, and have a positive mindset.

Q7. How much is the bank balance required for US student Visa?

To make a student Visa, you need an I-20 form. Suppose you want to do a diploma course in mass communication, and the Visa department has mentioned $30,000 in the I-20 form. Then you have to show a $60,000 account balance in total with cash and fixed deposits, bonds, debentures, etc. If the student has fewer funds, they have to justify how they will support their financial expenses for studying abroad.

Q8. Is January Intake and Winter Intake is Same?

Yes, January intake is also known as Winter take as, during January, winter arrives. It is one of the second most popular intakes in the year.

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