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Spring Intake in USA 2024 – Whenever you think about studying abroad, the United States of America is the first country that pops into your head. And why not? American Universities dominate the top 20 world Universities every year.  The USA universities offer higher education beyond comparison through their modern way of learning, excellent faculty, and diversity in the courses, which are student-studies oriented and ensure more extraordinary career aspects. Apart from that, the USA has immense international popularity regarding its Western Lifestyle, Hollywood, Ivy Leagues, Good Music, etc. Thus, people across the globe want to visit the USA and enjoy this civilization.

As a student, you must dream of studying in the USA, and for better understanding, we will share the intakes that the USA offers in a year. Further, we will explain the Spring Intake with a detailed timeline overview and give you a list of Spring Intake universities in USA. So, with no further delay, let us look at the Intakes in the USA, application starting & deadline dates, necessary documents, and courses open for the intakes.

Spring Summer Intake in the USA - Know All About Deadlines Admission Last Date

Popular Intakes in the USA

In the USA, Universities and Colleges follow the three intakes throughout the year, which are mentioned below:

  1. Jan [Winter] Intake in USA – January to May
  2. Spring [Summer] Intake in USA – Begin around May
  3. Fall [September] Intake in USA – September to December

When you apply for the University, you cannot simply choose it based on its name. Further, you have to pick it depending on the range of courses it is offering, career prospects after completion, exposure to new opportunities, etc. Every intake has a different number of courses every year.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to have your research done before you apply to any University. From the above, the Fall [September] intake is quite popular because of its many programs offered in various specializations. Here, not all students might get into the Fall intake. Thus, you must keep yourself open to other intakes as well, and the second most popular intake is the Spring intake, which we will discuss in detail.

What is Spring Intake USA?

Spring intake, also known as January Intake, is an additional intake for Universities in US that starts in January. Students who fail to apply for the Fall Intake can apply for the Spring Intake and start their studies. This is the second most popular intake, which is why universities receive a lot of student applications across the globe during this yearly session.

The following are the main features of USA 2024’s spring intake:

  • Deadline for Spring 2024 intake: July 2023 to December 2023 classes Beginning in January 2024
  • Date of classes’ end: April 2024
  • Popular Courses: MBA in Finance, Executive MBA, Business Analytics, Information Technology, Computer Science & Software Engineering, and Master of Data Science

Overview of the Spring Intake in USA 2024

Spring 2024 Application Deadline The institution is no longer taking new applications for the Spring 2024 intake; the application season has ended.
Start Date Classes for Spring Intake 2024 begins in January
Some Popular Courses Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Business Analytics

Mechanical Engineering

Information Systems

Overview of the Spring Intake in USA 2025

Spring 2025 Application Deadline The institution is no longer taking new applications for the Spring 2024 intake; the application season has ended.
Start Date Classes for Spring Intake 2025 begin in January
Some Popular Courses Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Business Analytics

Mechanical Engineering

Information Systems

Why Apply in Spring Intake in USA?

As you know, the Spring Intake in USA is the second most popular intake, which is why it provides several benefits. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Competition is Limited

The spring intake has limited competition because fewer students apply in this intake.

You get a second chance to apply

You may have missed the fall intake deadlines for some reason. Although you may find that Fall Intake is popular, Spring Intake is no less. If you are a student who missed the Fall intake timeline, then you can enrol in Spring Intake. It allows you to apply to foreign universities in the same academic year.

Enough Preparation Time

As the Spring Intake happens after the Fall Intake, you get enough time to prepare for various exams such as the GMAT, GRE, and entrance exams. You can also get your document checklist ready, and it will further allow you to explore your academic preferences and explore possibilities for career growth.

Limited Class Size

The class size is limited in spring intake, which allows you to maintain that student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom. Therefore, teachers can especially pay attention to individual students’ needs.

Increase in Buffer Period

The buffer time is for students to think and reflect, and allowing them to have a buffer period can help them bifurcate the college and course options clearly after doing proper research. In this extra time, you can account for unforeseen circumstances, if any.

Complete your degree faster

As you have enrolled at the beginning of the academic year, you can automatically complete your degree faster and earlier than your counterparts.

Straightforward Admission Process

The admission process is quite straightforward and seamless.

The spring intake is an alternate gateway for international students who want to enrol in top-level universities. Get admission without missing intake.

Fall Intake v/s Spring Intake

If you plan to apply for either of the intakes, it is important to understand their unique features, advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Fall intake is the most popular intake in USA, whereas spring intake is well known for its limited competition. Here, we are sharing the comparative analysis of Fall and Spring Intake for your better understanding.

Let’s have the comparative analysis chart of Fall Intake and Spring Intake:

Feature Spring Intake Fall Intake
Class Starts January September
Class Ends April – May December – January
University Available Limited Universities offer Spring Intake Many Universities offer Fall Intake
Program Available Limited courses are available in Spring Intake. The majority of courses are available in Fall Intake.
Class Strength Limited Class Size in Spring Intake Fall Intake have a good strength of students.
Competition Spring intake is, however, less competitive because fewer students apply Fall Intake has more students, hence it is more competitive.

Note: This table provides a general overview of the Fall and Spring Intakes. The above details vary depending on factors such as program availability, course interests, and individual preferences while taking admission.

When Does Spring Intake in USA start?

The Spring Intake in USA coincides with the Spring Season in USA, and it allows students to enrol in the Spring semester. Most Universities in USA that have a Spring Intake start in January or February month and last up to May. As Spring Intake begins in January, it is also known as January Intake.

The application deadline for Spring Intake in USA varies depending on the university application deadline, courses, and program availability. However, you can assume the application deadline for Spring Intake in USA is between July and November of the preceding year.

Early Decision (ED) Deadline

Students who are applying for an early decision deadline are prioritised over other students. ED deadlines are preferably a few months earlier than the regular deadlines. This deadline is not flexible, and students must submit all their necessary documents on time. ED comes with a binding, if a students get admission in one of its choice of universities, then he or she has to withdraw applications from other universities.

Regular Decision (RD) Deadline

The regular deadlines for Spring Intake 2024 will vary depending on the university’s program. In some cases, universities share their regular decision deadline, and students have to submit their documents and apply to their respective courses.

Rolling Basis

Some institutions have yet to have any fixed application deadlines for their admission process. The universities review the application process on an ongoing process and provide enrollment. However, you may notice that the universities have a set date for admission completion, and they continue to evaluate the applications until the seat gets full. Therefore, many universities use a rolling basis admission process.

Early Action Deadline

The early action deadline is not binding, giving students the freedom to choose from the universities where their applications have been shortlisted.

Guide for Spring Intake 2024

Suppose you are a student planning to start your study abroad program in 2024 then the Spring Intake 2024 term is the best option. Here, we are sharing a comprehensive table to understand the Spring Intake in USA 2024 timeline.

Timeline Dates for Spring Intake 2024 Events
March 2023 to June 2023 Research, Examine, and Select
June 2023 to September 2023 Prepare for the Standardized Exam
August 2023 to September 2023 Submitting Application Form
September 2023 to November 2023 Sending Acceptance Letter & Scheduling Interviews
October 2023 to November 2023 Applying for Student Visa & Education Loan/Scholarships
December 2023 to January 2024 Time to Fly!

Another Timeline Below Indicates the Spring Intake in USA 2024 Course Timeline

Events Timeline
Spring Intake 2024 Application Deadline July 2023 – November 2023
Class Starts January 2024 – February 2024
Class Ends April 2024 – May 2024
Popular Courses
  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  • MS in Computer Science
  • MS in Data Science
  • MS in Public Health
  • MS in Business Analytics
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • BBA Finance
  • MBA in Finance
  • MS in Information Technology
  • MS Biochemistry

 Top Universities For Spring Intake and Courses Available

Here is the list of Spring Intake Universities in the USA, along with courses:

  University Course Fees (INR)
1 University of Central Florida Statistics and Data Science, Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Data Analytics, Economics, Clinical Psychology 1,65,000
2 Florida International University Hospitality and Tourism Management, Communication, Engineering and Computing, Business, Law, Health Sciences, Psychology 20,00,000
3 DePaul University Accountancy (MBA), Acting (MFA), Animation (MA), Applied Diplomacy (MA), Applied Mathematics (MS), Applied Economics 28,00,000
4 Arizona State University Computer Science, Data Science, Mechanical Engineering, Business, Management, Social Sciences, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts 30,00,000
5 University of Illinois Springfield Social Sciences, Engineering, Psychology, Business Analytics, Computer Science, Veterinary Science 17,00,000
6 University of California, Irvine Computer Science, Engineering and Industrial Applied Mathematics, Physical Therapy, Philosophy 15,00,000
7 Cleveland State University Business, Engineering, Accounting, General Biology, Engineering, Fine Arts, Accounting, Biomedical Engineering 17,00,000
8 Wichita State University Engineering, Fine Arts, Accounting, Biomedical Engineering, Business Analytics, Communications 12,80,000
9 Pace University Finance, Visual and Performing Arts, Marketing Biochemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Information and Technology; Bookkeeping, Natural Chemistry, Software Engineering 33,40,000
10 University of Utah Business, Physiology, Physical Therapy, Finance, Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Nursing 27,00,000
11 San Francisco State University Liberal and Creative Arts, Business, Computer Science 13,00,000
12 Adelphi University Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse; Psychology, General; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; Business Administration and Management, General; Social Work; Computer and Information Sciences, General; Accounting; English Language and Literature, General 36,00,000

List of Universities offering Spring Intake in USA 2024

We know how popular the fall intake is in the US, and not all colleges fall into this category. The deadline for spring intake in the US is between mid-July and early November of the prior year. 

You must remember that each university’s application process and deadline vary depending on the program, enrollment type, and application status. It’s quite obvious that international applications are more advanced than domestic ones.

Below, we have shared detailed information about the list of universities offering admissions for spring intake. However, as it is the mid of the year, most of the universities have closed their application. With that fact, the application timeline and deadline would stay the same over the years, and if you are considering Spring Intake 2025, you can note down the information.

1. John Hopkins University

The nation’s private research university, Johns Hopkins University, was established in 1876. It’s situated in Maryland’s Baltimore city. The university offers over 60 undergraduate programs and is ranked #28 in the QS World Rankings 2024.

September 15, 2024, is the deadline for John Hopkins University’s January/Spring 2024 intake.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is among the best private institutions in the United States. It is at the top of the Graduate Employability Ranking and the QS World University Rankings 2024. The university offers about 170 academic fields. 34% of the large number of international students it houses are Asian.

October 15, 2024, is the deadline for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s January/Spring 2024 intake.

3. Brown University

Brown University is a private Ivy League school located in Providence, Rhode Island. According to the QS World University Rankings 2024, it is ranked #73 worldwide. The university offers 64 undergraduate and 109 graduate programs.

August 1, 2024, is the deadline for Brown University’s January/Spring 2024 intake.

4. Pennsylvania University

The University of Pennsylvania is a private research university in the Ivy League based in Philadelphia. In the QS World University Rankings 2024, it is ranked #12. However, only its undergraduate programs offer spring admission.

November 1, 2024, is the deadline for the University of Pennsylvania’s January/Spring 2024 intake.

5. Duke University

Founded in 1838, Duke is a private research institution headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. According to the QS World University Rankings 2024, the university is ranked #57. Only its Master’s and PhD programs offer Spring Intake.

October 2, 2024, is the cutoff date for Duke University’s January/Spring 2024 intake.

List of Other Universities for Spring Intake in USA

Many colleges and universities around the nation permit students to enroll for the spring semester in addition to the aforementioned esteemed US universities that provide the Spring Intake.

A list of more US universities offering spring intake is provided. According to the QS World University Rankings 2024, the listed universities are highly regarded. As of right now, the deadline for applications for the forthcoming Spring 2024 intake is listed on the institution websites.

The deadlines for the year 2025 have not yet been announced by the universities listed below, although normally they fall within the months given below.

University  Application Deadline
Louisiana State University April
Wichita State University December
University of Kanas November
University of Central Florida November
Murray State University November
Troy University November
San Francisco University November
Southern Utah University November
Queens College Mid-September
Roosevelt University Mid-September
University of South Carolina Mid-December
University of Utah November
Hofstra University Mid-November
American University November
James Madison University October
St. Francis College November
Western New England University November
University of Dayton November
Gongaza University November
Colorado State University October
University of Buffalo Mid-October
Palm Beach Atlantic University October
Full Sail University October
Shoreline Community College November
Southern New Hampshire University December

Top Universities Offering Spring Intake in USA in 2025

Below is the list of universities in USA for Spring intake that offer the particular popular courses:

University Popular Courses Offered
Louisiana State University Computer Science, Physics, Psychology, Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering
Wichita State University Computer Science, Management Science and Supply Chain, Aerospace Engineering, Data Science, Computer Engineering
University of Kanas Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Arts – Film and Media Studies, Nursing, Visual Art Education
University of Central Florida Computer Science, Environment, Hospitality, English, Architecture, Journalism
Murray State University Nursing, Agriculture, English – Creative Writing, Accounting and Finance, Political Science, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice
Troy University Artificial Intelligence, Economics, Athlete Training, Social Science, Economics, Social Work, Management
San Francisco University Chemistry, Geography, Theatre Arts, History, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Public Administration, Chinese
Southern Utah University Business Administration, Professional Communication, Music Education, Cyber Security, Accounting
Queens College Neuroscience, Photography and Imaging, Design, Accounting, Data Science and Statistics, International Business, Corporate Finance
Roosevelt University Theatre Directing, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Resource Management, Clinical Psychology, Accounting
University of South Carolina Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environment Health Sciences
University of Utah Anthropology, Accounting
Hofstra University Sustainability, Biology, Urban Ecology, Computer Science, Medical Physics, Exercise Physiology, Sports Science, Business Law
American University Political Science, Game Design, Statistics, International Affairs, International Economics, Data Science, Real Estate, Public Policy, Art History,  Public Administration
James Madison University History, BBA in Finance, International Business, Computer Science, Earth Science, Economics
St. Francis College English, Communication Arts – Digital Media, Information Technology, Public Policy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy 
Western New England University Engineering- Mechanical, Electrical (Mechtronics), Industrial. Communication, Management and Leadership, General Business, Finance, Actuarial Science, History, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Health Studies, Criminal Justice, Pre-Optometry
University of Dayton Electrical Engineering, Electro-Optics, Engineering Management, Law, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Public Administration, Chemical Engineering, English, MBA, MCS, Accounting
Gongaza University Accountancy, History, Sociology, Civil Engineering, Sports Management, Classical Civilizations, Nursing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Colorado State University Engineering Management, Financial – Analysis, Reporting, Auditing, Food Science and Nutrition, Accountancy, Philosophy, Impact Specialization
University of Buffalo Nuclear Medicine, Biochemistry, Business Administration, Criminology, Classical Language, Linguistics, English, Film Studies, Information Technology, Accounting, Nursing
Palm Beach Atlantic University MBA, MS in Community Development, Health Science, Christian Studies, Master of Divinity, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Computer Science, Educational Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Behavior, International Development, Philosophy of Religion, Accountancy, Biology, Biblical Studies
Full Sail University Entertainment Business, Film Production, Game Design, Creative writing, Music Business, Media Communications, Sports Casting, Sports Marketing and Media, Graphic Design, Recording of Arts, Show Production
Shoreline Community College Photography, Environmental Science, Nutrition and Food, Geography, Audio Engineering Production, Construction Management, Medical Laboratory Technology, Game Art and Design, Music Business, Marketing, Dental Hygiene, Criminal Justice
Southern New Hampshire University TESL, MBA in Finance, Business Analytics, MS in IT, Accounting, Communication, Creative Writing, English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Mental Health, Sociology, Aeronautical Engineering, Aviation

Scholarships for Spring Intake in USA 2024

The USA is well-known for offering its overseas students substantial scholarships and other forms of financial assistance. The USA offers both internal and external scholarships. While external scholarships are given by other organisations like non-governmental organisations, private organisations, or other social groups, internal scholarships are those offered by universities specifically.

It’s crucial to choose the ideal scholarship for your study abroad program.

The following is a list of scholarships to take into account while applying to US universities:

Scholarship Application Deadline
Fullbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship May
Tata Scholarship for Cornell University January
Emory College Scholarship November
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation March
National Overseas Scholarship March
Global Scholarship May
RD Sethna Scholarship May
TOEFL Scholarship October
Ontario Trillium Scholarship September
Knight Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University October
AAUW International Fellowships July
QS Undergraduate Scholarship May
Horace W. Goldsmith Scholarship April
USC Associates Scholarships UG Business Programs April
You Are Welcome Here Scholarship Bs In Kinesiology Michigan State University September
Graduate Incentive Award MS Applied Economics September
Trustee Scholarships Boston University December
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship May

Documents Requirements for Spring Intake in USA 2024

Every university will share a list of documents during the application process, and you have to prepare the document list as per the requirement from the university for that specific program. You can also check your university’s official website.

However, here we are sharing the list of documents that are typically required to get admission to the university:

Original Transcript

The original transcript includes the academic records such as a list of your previous courses, your marks and grades, or the documents that can be issued by educational institutions only.

Resume or CV

A CV is a self-introductory document summarising your academics, achievements, and experience, You can also share any rewards and special recognition details. The most important aspect is your experience, which details your part-time, full-time and internship opportunities.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

While you fill out the form for the university, you have to explain and emphasise why you want to study at this university. Describe your career goals, course of study, and other details.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Letter of recommendation is usually signed by your teachers, professors, or managers in your last employment. This helps support your application by describing your personality, character, work ethic, and achievements.

Academic Documents

Here you have to bring your academic records such as:

  • 10th & 12th mark sheets
  • Provincial Degree Certificate from the respective University
  • Standardized Exams Scorecards

As to get admission to the university, you have to show the passing result of specific exams such as IELTS, GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL whichever exam is applicable for your respective university.

  • National ID Proof
  • Student VISA
  • Passport
  • Details of your internship and full time job resignation letter and certification.
  • Last qualifying result

Tips for Spring Intake Application in USA

With all of the advantages of Spring Intake 2024 mentioned above, now is the ideal time to submit your applications. There are many factors to consider to make your application stand out once you decide to move forward. Let’s maximise our second opportunity to begin the academic year, as Spring Intake is already upon us.

Research the University

Investigate the above-mentioned university options and others and make a shortlist of the programs and institutions you like. You should begin writing down the colleges that accept applications in the spring and choosing the ones that are a good fit for you. Research the exams you must take, the paperwork you need, and the admissions procedure.

First Comes to Get Discount

Apply as early as April or May, as there are fewer options and the process will take some time.

Take the Tests Earlier

Visit the official university website to learn about the exams you’ll need to take, like the GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, or GRE. In June, begin the registration process for these exams and try to pass them as soon as possible.

Apply with Required Documents

Start applying to colleges of your choice in August and September. Include all necessary documentation, including transcripts, a resume or CV, evidence of English language proficiency, LORs, SOPs, and other documents. Adjust your files to the needs of the application.

In October and November, you will receive responses. Compare and make the best decision. Select the university that best fits your needs after receiving your official acceptance letter, and then pay your non-refundable entrance deposit as soon as possible.

Apply for Financial Aid and Visa on Time

You must apply for an education loan and a student visa by the end of the year.

Plan an Early Flight

To obtain inexpensive airline tickets, buy your tickets by November 2023.

Get the Right Guidance

Our SMS Experts can help you navigate the application process if you need help or are trying to figure out how to move forward.

Note: Most US universities have closed their application periods for the upcoming Spring semester. Still, now is the ideal moment to begin preparing for the following cycle

Which Exams Are Required for MS in USA?

When applying for an MS in the USA, you must take certain standardised exams, which are the following:

  • GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test: for programs in business and management.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE): required for engineering, science, and humanities programs.
  • To demonstrate English proficiency, take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • English language proficiency, use the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • Take the Pearson Test of English (PTE) to demonstrate English language proficiency. Use the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to demonstrate the English Language Proficiency Admission Test (LSAT).


We believe this article gave you all the relevant information regarding the Jan intake in the USA. With our Stepwise guide and the timeline, you can understand the tentative months to proceed with your application.

Moreover, it might be challenging to list the Universities and then note their application deadline, documentation requirements, etc. What if we say? We can simplify your work. Yes, you heard it right. We can be your mentor or a friend while in your admission process journey. At SecureMyscholarship, we have highly experienced academic counsellors who can help you to get into your dream university with exciting scholarships. Do not wait, Contact us today to apply for Spring intake Universities in the USA, and proceed with your admission.

FAQs About Spring Intake in USA

Q1. Which intake is best for Indian Students  in the USA?

There are three intakes in the USA, Spring Intake, Summer Intake, and Fall Intake. The most popular intake is Fall intake. However, Jan Intake in the US also attracts competitive students across the globe who are opting for various courses.

Q2. What is the deadline for Spring intake 2024?

The deadline for the 2024 spring intake is somewhere between November and December. Still, you must visit the official websites of the respective universities to get a better understanding.

Q3. How many days will it take to get admission to the USA?

Generally, this depends on the University. However, it may vary between a week to a month. The procedure might take a long time for top elite universities as they conduct rounds and documentation before selecting a student.

Q4. Do Spring intake students get a summer break?

Students are not encouraged to take summer breaks as in a year, and they might get scheduled breaks when the college is not offering the required courses that semester.

Q5. Can I enter the USA without IELTS?

IELTS is one of the standardized tests for testing English language proficiency, but it is not a necessary exam. There are other exams, such as TOEFL, PRE, etc. Therefore, now you are eligible to enter the USA without IELTS.

Q6. How can I pass the US student Visa Interview?

While going for Visa Interview, the first step is to be confident and answer the questions patiently. Be in a jolly mood, and know about your University and programs well in advance. Keep your answers concise, and have a positive mindset.

Q7. How much is the bank balance required for US student Visa?

To get a student visa, you need an I-20 form. Suppose you want to do a diploma course in mass communication, and the Visa department has mentioned $30,000 in the I-20 form. Then, you have to show a $60,000 account balance in total with cash and fixed deposits, bonds, debentures, etc. If the student has fewer funds, they have to justify how they will support their financial expenses for studying abroad.

Q8. Is January Intake and Winter Intake is Same?

Yes, January intake is also known as Winter take as, during January, winter arrives. It is one of the second most popular intakes in the year.

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