5 Highly Rewarding Arts Courses Offered by DMU University

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Arts Courses Offered by DMU University – While the conventional path to success may seem glorious and desirable, some of the most ground-breaking discoveries have been possible over the centuries because pioneers in various fields dared to take a different route. In the postmodern context, as the world advances by leaps and bounds in terms of technology and digital integration, opportunities abound in every sphere, awaiting the younger generation to seize them and embark on an enriching journey. Universities across the world are offering unconventional courses that, in fact, play integral roles in modern society. De Montfort University’s unique arts courses have driven students towards various arts subjects, empowering them to pursue challenging, relevant and lucrative careers. Here’s a glimpse at some unconventional undergraduate arts courses offered by DMU, Leicester:

Arts Courses Offered by DMU University

Best Arts Courses Offered by DMU University

  1. Arts and Festivals Management – 
    DMU hosts the longest-running arts and festivals management undergraduate (Hons.) course in the UK and is ranked #1 in the country within the subject area of ‘hospitality, event management and tourism’. It inculcates a wide range of skills in students, including business planning, festival planning, cultural leadership, teamwork, problem solving and marketing and management. It teaches students to organise significant cultural festivals and events through the utilisation of digital resources. Moreover, students may either opt exclusively for this subject or in conjunction with dance or drama. At the end of the third year, students can either produce any elaborate event they desire or participate in the production, programming and organisation of the Cultural eXchanges Festival hosted by DMU. Several students have secured lucrative positions in reputed companies — including the BBC, The Barbican and Ballet Rambert — upon graduating in Arts and Festivals Management from DMU.
  2. Professional Policing – 
    Life without a police and law system would be unimaginably chaotic and unsafe; hence, the study of crime from the perspective of policing is integral to ensuring criminal justice. DMU’s undergraduate programme in professional policing entails a comprehensive understanding of policing in the study of crime and its causes, effects and preventive measures. The teachers enrolled in this programme are former police personnel and experts in the field; they aim to prepare students for related careers in the private and public sectors. The course follows the National Policing syllabus, enabling students to keep up with the latest developments in the field. The first year comprises introductory subjects — including profession of policing, legislation and policy, and problem-based policing — whereas the second and third year entail more specific subjects, such as critical incident management and leadership (I) and (II) (in the second and third years, respectively); mental health and crime; religion, faith and crime; drugs and substance abuse; and multi-agency. Students must present a dissertation in the third year, implementing the theories and skills learnt so far.
  3. Contour Fashion – 
    DMU, recognised in the Gown Green Awards 2021 as one of the most sustainable fashion and textile schools in the UK, offers its B.A. course in contour fashion to enable budding fashionistas to hone various skills pertaining to the fashion industry. Pattern cutting, fit methodologies and conceptual design and application are just some of the essential fashion skills imparted in this programme. Students also specialise in designing various types of clothing, including lingerie, sportswear, medical gears, swimsuits and nightwear. The course employs a block model, allowing them to study one subject at a time instead of multiple subjects simultaneously. It also incorporates frequent assessments, helping students better manage their study time. The first year entails introductory lessons on contour, contour consolidation and collaboration, etc., while the second and third years comprise detailed subjects like technical enquiry, contour exploration and communication, and creative practice.
  4. Music Technology – 
    Perhaps we relate to music at an incredibly deep level because it is relevant for every emotion and each situation — sorrows and joys, weddings and funerals, losses and new beginnings. And advancements in music technology have enabled humankind to explore and experiment with music like never before. DMU’s music technology course shatters perceived conventional barriers in music, aiming to tap its full potential by leveraging state-of-the-art music equipment. The teachers of this programme are seasoned musicians, composers and performers who motivate aspiring music professionals to freely explore this boundless domain. Students graduating from this course typically establish themselves in secure music careers, emerging as recording artists, composers, session musicians, recording artists, etc. The block teaching technique followed in this course allows students to pay in-depth attention to each subject. The first-year courses include an introduction to studio recording and production, sound analysis and synthesis, etc., while the second and third years involve subjects such as making and performing music; studio recording and production (entailing the nitty gritty); applied and collaborative projects; and films, game and media.
  5. Concept and Comic Arts – 
    The course is a skilful integration of concept art and comic art, integrating the traditional approaches to creative art and modern digital techniques and taking innovation to the next level. While concept art entails an in-depth understanding of the tools and strategies essential for pre-production, production and post-production work, comic art is the study of visual storytelling, visual communication and idea generation. Students are actively encouraged to explore the cultural, historical and social scenarios against the backdrop of which print and internet-based comic art forms are designed. The course seamlessly amalgamates art theory with implementation in the modern context, enabling students to secure lucrative careers in the world of visual communication and media. Courses are offered in blocks, allowing students to focus on one subject at a time. Visualisation, design thinking, character building, concept art and professional practice comics are some of the many subject areas entailed in this programme.

Arts is an incredibly dynamic, diverse stream with an array of subject areas aimed at human wellbeing, innovation, social consciousness and self-discovery. Colleges offering arts — including De Montfort University — offer unconventional degree programmes that seamlessly integrate with the happening professional arena, helping students secure their dream careers in their chosen fields. Are you an arts student enthusiastic about securing admission to one of the several unique undergraduate arts courses offered by DMU? We at SecureMyScholarship derive our motivation from witnessing young ones like you flourish in their academic endeavours. Connect with us today, and let us help you enrol in your desired course at DMU!

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