How DMU Supports Alumni’s Continued Professional Development

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DMU Alumni Support – An esteemed university is typically classified as one providing students with essential skills and knowledge by utilising modern infrastructure and incorporating innovative learning methods. However, does a university’s role end there? Is an educational institution’s ultimate goal only to ensure that a student passes the finals and secures a well-paying job?
Today, several universities in the UK and across the globe have realised the importance of staying connected with their alumni long after they graduate, acting as their pillars of support to fall back upon. Such an association reiterates to students that while they are independent in their journeys, they are not alone. De Montfort University in Leicester is one such institution offering systematic support and guidance to its alumni through various proactive initiatives:

DMU Alumni Support

Networks by the Global Alumni Community Hub (GACH)
DMU’s alumni and staff members form its alumni networks through the university’s Global Alumni Community Hub (GACH). These networks are segregated by subject area and involve the exchange of success stories, latest field developments and job opportunities. They also form integral meeting points for the university’s alumni, who encourage and support one another to learn and grow in their respective endeavours. The arts, design and humanities network; the business and law network; the computer, engineering and media network; and the sports network are just some of the multiple networks formed by GACH.

Alumnus of the Month
DMU recognises the “Alumni of the Month” based on remarkable contributions made by the alumnus to his/her respective field. It is also awarded to alumni with other considerable achievements, including initiatives reflecting their commitment towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Such recognitions motivate former students to strive to achieve accolades in their careers and contribute positively to society.

Events and Reunions
The best part about old friends and classmates is that they pick up their camaraderie seamlessly from where they had left it. University reunions are no different — they provide a platform for university graduates to reminisce and recreate memories. DMU’s Development and Alumni Engagement Team organises reunions and events entailing various activities for former students, including educational sessions, workshops and networking events. In the wake of the pandemic, these events have now moved to the online medium; however, these virtual interactions are just as enriching and interesting as the in-person ones!

DMU welcomes students from almost every nook and cranny of the world; consequently, its alumni are also spread far and wide. The university attempts to stay connected with alumni from across the globe by forming separate alumni clubs for different geographic locations. Thus, students from a particular country or region can coordinate and meet up as part of the alumni club for their place of residence. This global community system helps individuals stay in constant touch with the university while not having to travel to the premises. These alumni club members typically discuss a wide range of subjects and support charitable projects while staying connected with their alma mater and former classmates.

DMU Alumni Support – DMU’s systematic approach towards providing long-term support to its alumni reflects its emphasis on lifelong learning and growth. The university moulds its students into well-adjusted global citizens through its innovative teaching methods, experienced and highly skilled teaching faculty, and highly advanced educational infrastructure. As a result of this rich learning experience, students typically continue staying connected with the institution long after they graduate. If you would like to be a part of this esteemed university, we at SecureMyScholarship are here to usher you in smoothly. We are a bunch of higher-education enthusiasts eager to help students like you secure admissions to their dream universities.

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