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DMU Empowering University – Static knowledge is fruitless if it fails to empower its bearer to bring about a positive difference in society. Thus, effective education is synonymous with empowerment and should aim to integrate theory and implementation perfectly. Several esteemed educational institutions have transcended bookish knowledge to incorporate skill enhancement and industry exposure. De Montfort University in Leicester also provides its students with this sense of empowerment, instilling in them the confidence to fulfil their career dreams. Here are DMU’s 4 strategy pillars to ensure student empowerment:

DMU Empowering University

Learning for Life
DMU ensures that individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to superior-quality higher education. It promotes inclusivity through its significant initiatives, such as the Decolonising DMU Programme, ensuring that all students reap equal benefits of a well-organised, innovative learning process. Flexibility is another cornerstone of DMU’s educational policies, reflected primarily in its Education 2030 programme, which involves envisaging what the education system must embody in 2030 and working towards fulfilling this goal. Finally, DMU incorporates several innovative learning approaches to cultivate an undying passion in students to learn and discover more about their respective fields even after they graduate.

Knowledge Creation
The best education is one that encourages students to not only acquire knowledge but also actively engage with it. DMU’s research quality is internationally recognised, and most of its teaching faculty actively participates in research activities. The university also encourages interdisciplinary research opportunities, allowing students to understand how different subject areas are interconnected. Finally, most of its research and innovation activities are centred around regional issues, helping students make a positive difference in society.

Diversity and Engagement
Through its DMU Engage initiative, DMU constantly interacts with different communities in and around Leicester, from industries and businesses to social groups and even individuals looking to promote their ideas. Such initiatives enable students to gain exposure to different perspectives and social needs that exist in the country and around the world and brainstorm on possible solutions to help various entities overcome their challenges. Moreover, the university follows a strict merit-based policy wherein students are recognised by their achievements as opposed to the communities or ethnicities to which they belong. Free exchange of knowledge, extensive research and freedom of expression characterise this vibrant campus.

Meaningful Partnerships
DMU collaborates with industry boards, local organisations and businesses, helping resolve regional issues and supporting its business students to begin their ventures successfully. It also establishes new pathways to DMU by strengthening its partnerships with other institutions, including Leicester College. It also aims to focus on its global partnerships across Europe and Asia, providing students with global opportunities through its DMU Global Programme.

DMU’s 4 strategy pillars enable the university to retain its position among the most diverse and empowering universities in the UK. Students from across the world find their home away from home at this diverse campus, interacting with students from different ethnicities and cultures and broadening their world views. If you are an international student looking for a spectacular experience studying in the UK, De Montfort University is the place to be. And we at SecureMyScholarship can be your go-to persons helping you secure your admission seamlessly.

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Karishma Mansukhani

Karishma Mansukhani

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